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Suge Knight, Left Eye, & The Fall Of Death Row Records – Darren Vegas Part 3


jessesurratt says:

+Darnell Wedge thanks for watching man.. as always!

TheOfficialSvengali says:

Darren mentioned he’s remixed Tupac’s music? Is this his independent
remixes or just those Nu-Mixx mixes he’s talking about?

Darnell Wedge says:

Jmix If it wasn’t for you we would not be getting these exclusive
interviews, Word up man keep it goin. 1 love homie

manny haynesworth says:

cool interview jmix keep it going brother 

MalaQi Shallah says:

thats a dope azz beat dv

koniował says:

Great work homie

Kel man says:

Is suge going back to jail? Didn’t he punch a pot shop employee 

nyniggagettinmoney says:

Hey jmix do you think you can interview j Kevin swain who produce 2pac how
do you want it video stage version and to live in die in la video. Id love
to hear how was 2pac on the days of those video shoots and the atmosphere.
Also Lionel c. Martin he directed tupacs last video toss it up id love to
hear how was tupac the day and night of making that video and the


Left Eye was going to make more songs i wish she was still here

Chris Verrico says:

Good interview 

melvin crews says:

I would love too here u do a interview with lady of rage I see some here
interview on Website it pretty good 

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