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SunFX Pro Spray tan Applicator replacement – world’s most advanced tanning Applicator (White)

The award winning SunFX Pro Applicator features Ergonomically designed & lightweight in its construction & with a perfectly balanced trigger & handle. This allows for continuous applications without cramping or discomfort Features the revolutionary Acetyl Drive System. This leads to long life & continued functionality. This also means the SunFX applicator is easy to look after & clean unlike complicated metal and other plastic spray guns. With the SunFX precision engineering you will achieve 25 to 30 sprays per liter SunFX pioneered the Ezi-Mist Spray Dial which enables you to adjust the intensity of the spray volume at just a flick of the thumb. Again, SunFX set the pattern for others to have to follow Our genuine Applicator also fits some other systems

Product Features

  • SunFX has the reputation for having the worlds best spray tanning systems
  • This is the real deal not a cheap alternative, or Chinese made copy
  • SunFX Pro Applicator has won many prestigious design awards.
  • Ultra Fine Mist for even coverage with minimal overspray
  • Precision Engineering enables you to achieve 25 to 30 tans per liter

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