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SunFX Summer’s Secret Instant Bronzing Spray on Tan

Formally Known as SunFX WhiteOut This is one of our biggest sellers. From our new Summer’s Secret Tan Collection this is our Instant Spray on Tan Aerosol. The Color is based on our AWARD winning Caribbean Chocolat Line. The ultimate DIY Spray-on tan. Producing incredible, natural looking color, Summer’s Secret instant Spray on Tan is also popular for extending the life of a professional salon tan. The generous 200g can is easy and perfect for full body applications.

Product Features

  • Welcome to the world of SunFX Instant Spray-On-Tan
  • Our award winning Caribbean Chocolat color in an easy to use Aerosol packed full of natural ingredients
  • Perfect for any skin tone- a completely gorgeous result
  • Tan last up to 5 to 7 days
  • Formally Known as WhiteOut

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Anonymous says:

Best Self Tanner Out There! I regularly spray tanned for years. First Mystic then Versa. I purchased SunFX from my salon just for touch ups initially about two years ago but then decided to try it in lieu of the versa. I like it even better! The color is far more natural than any machine or personal spray tan. It goes on well and doesn’t require a lot of work once you get the hang of it. I am VERY fare so I have to be careful of splotching or running.I apply a light spray beginning with my face and neck and continue…

Anonymous says:

After months of recovery from melanoma being cut off my nose, a spray tan is the only “tan” for me. I’ve tried a handful of spray tans and this is perfect. I spray my face lightly, two times and within minutes I have an instant tan. Not orange and no streaking. It does have somewhat of an unpleasant scent. It does not stink but is just different. This is as good, if not better, than any commercial spray tan I’ve had. Does not cause my face to break out and tan lasts a couple days. Highly…

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