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Take A Bite Out Of These 14 Deliciously Cool Pieces Of Candy Art.

This Halloween, maybe you should keep the candy your kids collect instead of eating it. If you have enough sugary treats, you might be able to create one of these works of art.

Each of these impressive portraits were really made completely out of candy. Maybe Willy Wonka has a bit too much downtime on his hands these days… Or could it be the work of an Oompa Loompa? Okay, silliness aside, these are seriously cool.

1.) Sweet Elvis

2.) Peep bunny The Simpsons

3.) Sugary Lady GaGa

4.) Bubble Bear

5.) Anatomical Sweet Heart

6.) M & Emenims

7.) King of Pop Rocks

8.) Nerds-y Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin from 30 Rock

9.) Ate-Bit Mario

10.) Confectionery Joker

11.) Tasty Toilet

12.) Hubba Bubba Hummer

13.) Sweet Ride

14.) Delicious heels

(via Smosh.)

I would not advice wearing the heels before consumption. That would probably not end well for you.

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