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That Month in Tuscany

Bestselling, RITA Ⓡ Award Winning author Inglath Cooper writes you the perfect excuse to put down the to do list and get lost in a trip to Tuscany with resigned-to-her-life housewife Lizzy Harper and burnt-out rock star Ren Sawyer. . .

If you had told me I would be heading off to Italy to celebrate my twenty-year anniversary without my workaholic husband, or that I would end up getting drunk on the plane ride over and falling on the lap of the rock star my daughter has a poster of hanging in her dorm room, I would have said oh, sure, right.

But, well, that is exactly what happened. And when we run into each other outside my hotel in Florence, and he asks if I would mind if he followed me around the Italian countryside for a while, what can I say? I can hardly believe it myself. I mean my own husband has barely noticed me for years. What on earth could I possibly have to offer Ren Sawyer?

The truth is I have no idea. But I’m pretty sure I want to find out.

★★★★★ I loved every page from start to finish. Brought back memories of my own time in this picturesque place. . .just good romance.

★★★★★ So happy I stumbled upon this book and Author! I love her style!

★★★★★ SOOOO GOOD!! This book drew me in, pulled at my heartstrings and left me on the edge craving MORE! I was so eager to keep turning to the next page and now that it’s over I find myself eager to dive into every book from Inglath Cooper!

★★★★★ What a Trip! I just recently discovered Inglath Cooper! I am totally in love with her books…..they are written well, and tell a story I can relate to! I think all women go through at least one period of time in life, when we feel insecure about our looks! For Lizzy, meeting a rock star in Italy who was mesmerized by her, helped her to handle the storms of life awaiting her back home. . .I couldn’t put this book down; it’s definitely a keeper!

★★★★★ What a Fabulous Story! Thank you, Inglath. I didn’t need Calgon to “take me away” – your book accomplished that. . .I truly love your writing style but especially this particular story.

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Anonymous says:

So happy I stumbled upon this book and Author! I love her style! Stumbled upon this find while looking for expat reads. I was instantly hooked after :looking inside” and read it straight through. I can’t wait to read more of this authors books! I love books I can read that completely take me away and make me feel as though I am right there in the story or watching first-hand. I adored this <3 Never a dull moment, it kept getting better and better. I especially enjoyed how it didn't end abruptly-like most reads. You know how you just really don't...

Anonymous says:

I loved every page from start to finish

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