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The 13 Most Horrifying Clowns In Gaming

1. Angel Joker, Persona 2: Innocent Sin

If there’s anything more frightening than an evil clown, it’s a possessed evil clown who becomes an angel who’s also evil. The upside-down wings and heart medallion covering his crotch are no comfort, though, either.

2. Zombie clowns, Left 4 Dead 2

Make that fast-moving zombie clowns.

3. Joka, Klonoa

Don’t let the freeze-frame sitcom pose fool you. He’s like a Glasgow grin-sporting Pokémon you don’t want to collect but you have to.

4. Evan the Clown, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

He’s a midget clown who walks on stilts and resembles a human thumb. He also wants to kill you with ice cream, and not by giving you an ice-cream headache.

5. Sebastian, Rumble Roses

What? You thought Rumble Roses was just a big-boobed fighting game? You pervert. Here, gaze upon this dominatrix-slave clown just to sexually confuse and petrify you.

6. Kefka Palazzo, Final Fantasy series

Nicknamed “the psycho clown” amongst fans, this bad boy is like a kabuki fever dream fueled with confetti and cryptic one-liners like, “That was titillating!” Also, he hates happiness in all its forms and eventually ascends to godhood, so, his existence pretty much nullifies ours.

7. Pierre, Fighters Destiny

If this doesn’t scare you, at least this is scientific proof that cows fear clowns.

8. Dhoulmagus, Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

Just because he’s so evil that he’ll waste some of his turns in battle to laugh at you doesn’t mean he’s not fearsome.

9. Distracty the Clown, Heavy Rain

You never learn his name, but he does help kill your son. Jason!

10. Jaxson deBox, Snacks ‘N Jaxson

From the game’s packaging: He’s a “clown who tries to eat his way through life without letting his nose break any windows.” Yeah, come here honey child, we’ll hold you.

11. Spike, ToonStruck

More like clownstruck! *bass-guitar solo*

12. Pint-Sized Slasher, Fallout 3

Because clowns have every right to terrorize folks in post-apocalyptic Washington, D.C., too. God, why did we pass that bill again?

13. Mr. Crow, Unreal Tournament 2004

He’s single, ladies!

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