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The best 2 seconds of your day.


coronalmassejection says:

Now, to fill the remaining 86,398 with similar joy!

greenbrier says:

Dem eyes

chawk610 says:

mmm… nope, there is another 2 seconds that is pretty sweet.

GiveMeAllTheHam says:

Lies, I take care of animals for a living. So i get this a lot.

hiko1973 says:


Pyranamus says:


uhoh1t5tay says:

I had to give up my two best friends yesterday… this breaks my heart a bit more.

masteregs says:

Best day of my days.

vakrys says:

OMG! That sausage moved!!

inapix says:

If you watch the actual video this is so much more adorable in context – I actually blubbed when I watched this from my fb feed! :'(

goofballgoofygoofstermcgoof says:

Why yes it was, thank you!

TheFinalDoctor says:

yes it was

kattpappan says:

I actually dont care for pugs, they are useless and hump EVERYTHING!

vankhoi says:

Can we get some more so I can have one for every day?!

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