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The Creepiest Commercials Of Super Bowl XLVII

1. Old People Party

Do you want to see your grandparents throw a rager to a Spanish version of Fun’s “We Are Young”? Me neither. This one made our whole office uncomfortable.

2. Get It? A White Guy Doing A Black Guy Voice Is Hilarious!

Personally, I would not be made happier by having a white colleague put on a stereotypical Jamaican voice all the time. That would make me cringe. And feel strange. Like this ad did.

3. Doritos Will Turn You Into A Drag Queen

This ad isn’t offensive so much as it’s weird and raises bizarre questions. For instance: why are all these grown men dressing like women to get Doritos? Do none of them have jobs that would allow them to buy their own Doritos?

4. GoDaddy Is As GoDaddy Does

Hot woman making out with nerdy guy! INSANELY HILARIOUS!

5. Bud Light Racism!

Stereotypical voodoo, black mysticism! Why? Because beer!

6. Stealing Women’s Clothes Is Cool!

It’s nice to know that the dude who played Zooey Deschanel’s creepy boyfriend in the pilot of New Girl is still getting cast as the creepy boyfriend. This guy’s got a creepy career ahead of him!

7. Dryer Thief

This one does try to play with its inherent creepiness, but that doesn’t excuse it for including the line, “I’d fold your panties any day.” Bad, deodorant company. Bad.

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