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The Estate of Johnnie Taylor*

The Estate of Johnnie Taylor*


wattamutt says:

Seems like Floyd is a little mad cuz he has to share.

Christopher Ndiweni says:

Many reasons I hate funerals too many two-faced people you always have ppl
who never gave a damn bout the deceased while the deceased was alive but at
the funeral they talk all nice ect. 

austria giancarlo says:

One other thing… I am SO grateful my famous Dad didn’t humiliate our
family by being a sketchy man whore. But, even if I had other siblings
unbeknownst to me who were my Dads biological kids, I’d rather have more
family than more money so Hell yes I’d share my inheritance with them in a
New York nanosecond because I REALLY HATE what inherited cash and assets
turns some people into… Greed mongering parasites! BTW: I donate a
portion of my wealth to my favorite causes, it feels good to share it
knowing that instead of buying a couple of Bentleys, I’ve helped battered
women shelters all over LA, PETA, Environmental efforts, myriad Children’s
causes and the Homeless. No big deal, that’s simply how I was brought up.
To whom much is given, much is expected. That’s ONLY right! :~]

austria giancarlo says:

So Johnnie Taylor was EXACTLY like every other famous musician in that he
went around populating the countryside, and played ‘eenie meenie mynee moe’
with his progeny. Shades of Mick Jagger! Yuck! Some kids he was proud to
claim and even married a couple of his baby Mamma’s. Whereas others he
blithely neglected and ignored. The ‘Playa’ mentality only hurt ALL his
kids in the end. The kids he claimed were greedy, selfish and of
questionable character, the kids he rejected come across as mature,
responsible, rational adults. Don’t EVEN get me started on that Floyd…
what a thuggish piece of work. The six original heirs have SOME arrogance
to be angry at the other three when their greedy asses let their massive
egos over ride whatever common sense they had. It’s THEIR fault the estate
debt piled up to the point that the only REAL winners here were the estates
creditors and Uncle Sam. Right on to Fonda, JT, and Chivon (sic), their aim
was true! Now they can ALL duke it out over publishing royalties,
copyrights and their Dads image. Ding! Ding! Ding! Next round.

79tazman says:

This world would be a better place if there was no greedy people in the

lynda henderson says:

Thanks DkDaze always great video’s

kenneth ferguson says:

heir’s of musical chairs..

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