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the.LIFE Files Sits Down With Nas!!

Check out JD’s full length interview with Nas on the heels of releasing his upcoming Distant Relatives album featuring Damian Marley. Relaxing in his New York City hotel room Nas kicked off his shoes and spoke to the.LIFE Files about Barack Obama, the Avatar craze, legendary rapper Guru passing, his former manager’s Steve Stoute’s comments to the.LIFE Files, how the internet has changed music and more.

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Santo niño says:

This guy is Intelligent his Musics or theory

kenneshia Drummer says:

I love to hear him talk beautiful smile

HiKey says:

the King @Nas said he likes Lagos, Nigeria. God Bless you Greatest Of All Time

Q says:

His eye brows are pyramids lol illuminati confirmed lol

dre beard says:

Nas is the greatest , I still fiend for the Nas AZ collabs.

Royal's mom says:

Nas shyness is beautiful, Even as a grown man he still has that innocence about him, His mother did a great job raising him, I can't believe his baby mother and ex wife treated him the way they did and could careless about what happens to him.

Avery Thompson says:

I dont think he has ever had a bad fade.

Olusegun Odesanya says:

I like Lagos Nigeria too mad thats live AF

Alex Studio0610 says:

N'as the King of nyc

Resna Anglero says:

Hi nas this ron sis big up no beef shrimp 561 5079137

Jojo Saylor says:

Its his bedroom eyes , raspy voice and his intelligence that has my heart melting

Porscha Wilson says:

He always looks sleepy

Sally Harry says:

The Last Thing I bought was weeeeeed!!! Dude looked guilty as fuck saying it, plus the lighter was right in front of him.

Sally Harry says:

Saw him in LAGOS!!!!! Love the shout out from Nas, Nigeria Loves you Esco.

Shamiya Fenty says:

His voice is a no

Gabriel Grigsby says:

mad spec from sac ca.

General Pryhme says:

His smile just melts my heart…..He is soooooo fine #HotChocolateSunday

Ibz Illah says:

This was uploaded on my 19th birthday

kimmy1984 says:

Nas is so sexy

JAY love says:

this could of been better

Marc NY says:

Nas really enjoyed hearing Stoute talk about him lol… They're real friends and partners

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