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The Promotion: A Christian Romance Novel (Fulton Ridge Series Book 1)

How can they find happiness when the promotion that brought them together just might keep them apart?

He loves his family and is still grieving the loss of his brother. Moving in to a new house and starting a nonprofit organization is taking a lot of his time. He has many reasons to stay.

She’s a strong-willed pioneer in the company who wants to mentor younger women to help them move up the male-dominated corporate ladder. Her chances of winning the promotion to the new office in Spain are good. She has many reasons to leave.

If Adam chooses to go with her, he leaves everything important to him. Will Benita find a win/win situation to make the romance work?

If you like girl power stories,
you’ll love this Christian romance.

Click Buy Now to find out how these two find love. Enjoy this clean and wholesome contemporary romance today.

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Anonymous says:

Looking forward to more from this author This is a sweet inspirational book.Adam is a young man who has descended into alcoholism after the loss of his brother. He has abandoned his ideals and gets through the days by drinking, drinking, and more drinking, with the occasional meal and disappointed lecture from his mother thrown in.Benita is a workaholic with no sense of work-life balance. She is up for a major promotion and doesn’t have time for personal entanglements.Adam and Benita run into each…

Anonymous says:

Great cozy read I enjoyed The Promotion. Adam, struggling to stay sober after the death of his brother, decides to take steps to better himself and stop punishing himself for living. Meanwhile, Benita is a workaholic, trying hard to prove herself worthy of her dream promotion – to Spain. She’s placed into a position of competing for the promotion against a male co-worker who delights in trying to one-up her. When Adam and Benita’s paths cross, he helps her to learn Spanish. They both grow in personal,…

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