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The Tanning Bed Murders

Ken Kunkle is brutally murdered by being restrained in his luxury tanning bed. Jake Lowry, a retired Oakland California, Police Officer has moved to North Idaho. Missing the thrill of catching crooks, he joins the Sheriff’s Department in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Jake and his partner are assigned the murder case. As the case develops, Jake discovers that a similar murder has been committed in Canada. Liaison with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police develops a possible intriguing suspect. The ultimate identity of the murderer will keep the reader turning pages until the final page.

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James R Crabtree says:

Tanning bed murders

Anonymous says:

I got about 10% of the way through this book and had to give it up. The dialogue is very stilted. People just don’t speak the way these characters speak. And the incorrect or very strained use of contractions was extremely distracting. No one says “Idaho State Police (ISP)” in dialogue. They would either say “Idaho State Police” or simply “ISP.” If the author wanted to let folks know that ISP stood for Idaho State Police he should have introduced that (“Idaho State Police (ISP)”) in…

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