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The Tanning Effect: Pharrell (Part 2)


Sofia Trikili says:

whats the name of the intro song?? xD

kearadoesalot says:

lol @ pharrell @ 3:16 when he tried to sound like mj

Hank Moody says:

Dude what a legit fucking show. Thanks for posting

Tyler JaCobi says:

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Treva Lester-Palmer says:

He sound just like Michael Jackson…that is so funny!


finally the answers!!! b/c i truly believed JT was 1 of MJ’s illegitimate
kids up until now,But no the songs were tailored w/MJ @ heart!!! DOPE

Kirinda Anderson says:

MJ wanted “Superthug?”…… Geez I m with you P damn…

TheGamingCreeperBoy says:

That ending beat doe

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