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There’s A Park In China That Entertains People Using WHAT?

The Kingdom of the Little People or Dwarf Empire is an amusement park in Kunming, China that features performances by actors and dancers who are living with dwarfism, a medical condition that causes those whom it affects to be abnormally short in stature. To become a performer at The Kingdom of the Little People, you must be under 51 inches tall. If you think that would severely limit the pool that park higher-ups have to choose from, you’d be correct, but still they manage to employ over 100 little people.

The park was founded in 2009 by real estate mogul Chen Mingjing. Since then, it has drawn much ire from those who believe it to be exploitative and offensive to those with dwarfism. Chen argues that The Kingdom of the Little People provides employment to those who would have a difficult time finding work elsewhere. Either way, this park is certainly unlike any other you’ve ever seen before. Take a look!  

The Kingdom of the Little People


The cast performs their song and dance routine on the steps in front of their show homes.

Two of the park’s performers.

Employee ages range from 18-48.

The King is the star of the show. Here he is using his cellphone on set.

He stands 3 feet 3 inches tall.

Security guards having some fun with one of the smaller members of the cast.

Chen hopes to someday employ up 1,000 little people performers.

All of the Kingdom of the Little People performers live together in an onsite dormitory.


To see the park and its performers in action, check out this short documentary.

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Well, it’s not like Six Flags. That’s for sure.

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