Back to Top Exclusive: Kanye West, Steve Stoute & Ben Horowitz Talk Tech At Cannes Lions


TopTenOnEverything says:

Beats and Apple are 100% about style tho, you can get better products for
half the price, so I don’t really think that’s the way to go, It’s better
to do a little research for yourself than just buy what ever people tell
you to. I don’t mind nice designs and good marketing but it doesn’t mean
they are actually better. I get that iPhones are like a fashion thing but I
want something that fits me not what somebody else thinks fits me and
everyone else. As far as marketing goes Samsung sucks compared to Apple but
actual products vs products Samsung wins ya know. Also Apple is almost
always last to pick something up, Android always beats them, so they aren’t
really that creative they usually make it look a little cleaner though. 1
other thing water without branding is just tap water.

AttemptedDrama says:

I love Kanye’s music and his ambitions are so inspirational but he needs to
think as deeply about his commentary as he does his orchestration… I
mean, Apple has the right principles? In product design maybe, but
ethically they’re driven by profit entirely, at the behest of the industry
of their homeland or the human rights of their workers. Think Kanye think! 

quillber says:

‘you da man’ at the very end, whitest thing ever 

karim atatürk says:

Fuck i love kanye as he once said everytime he talks is like a crack in the

Phantomdirt says:

This was a brilliant interview. One of the best Kanye interviews I have
seen in a while. I truly believe Kanye has the ability and genius to do
everything he says he wants to, and this was a truly powerful platform for
him to express himself truly.

XenAJD says:

Seriously though why haven’t you seen Her yet?

Saskiequelle says:

42:41 Damn. She locked it up.

Bill Ding says:

i want to do things to this moderator

iMercedesOfficial says:

Kanye is the BEST

Stackz Beatz says:

This would have been perfectly fine with just Kanye and Ben…..

theSTASHED says:

HOROWITZ AT CANNES #canneslions #cannes2014 #canneslions2014

Adrian Cardenas says:

Lmao Kanye sounds ignorant

JIM JOE says:

Thank you for the upload, very inspirational 

Julio Lopez says:

Fuck this rich people talk, how about discuss a way on how to improve life
for everyone other than useless ideas such as fashion and phones

Timothy Sarder says:

This is one of the most open, decent and down-to-earth interviews I’ve seen
Kanye do. It clarifies a lot and puts the more crazy things he’s been
saying in context.

Jelani Saleem says:

wow…can i just say that this moderator is so good at her job? She’s
playing into their egos just so far as she stimulates their comfort levels
but without brown-nosing. Stephanie Ruhle ya’ll.

Isaiah Jimoh says:

In my opinion. They might have got their facts wrong. In terms of
Telecommunication, Apple’s mobile sector has a lower flagship (in term of
hardware and performance) than Samsung’s products. For example the iPhone
5s has the same flagship hardware as a 2012 Samsung phone. Kanye’s
comment and his approach is appropriate. But Michael angelo wanted to be a
painter and was a painter but was forced to carve sculpture. 

Joseph Small says:

Kanye has a very shiny knee

Garrett S Hoelscher says:

Tempered insights from Kanye West?? Exclusive: Kanye West, Steve Stoute & Ben Horowitz Talk Tech
At Cannes Lions

Adrian Cardenas says:

Kanye is talking out of his ass tbh

PeterVaughanification says:

Incredible watch!

Rick Ross says:

All this talk about Apple and Samsung; but I hear nothing about Microsoft.
It’s just baffling to me.

Vince Jacobs says:

Who is the female host? She is cute. 

g0t0d1e says:

thanks for uploading this

Imperial Vizion says:

Very knowledgeable.

Tremaine Smith says:

the best discussion about tech and creativity i have seen in forever

Joe Howard says:

I didn’t know drake was on all of the lights

David Kao says:

It is easy to talk about and experience “good taste” if you are RICH but
what about the majority Kanye? 

Roberto Ayon says:

Hats off to mr.west

steven gimba says:

All you Kanye haters need to chill, hating this douchebag will not make
anybody rich

Justin Golightly says:

Nice touch with the Mondrian dress. 

NikoPrimitif says:

dope… Her is a masterpiece..

Admiral Gial Ackbar says:

18:43 LOL

Roosevelt Johnson says:

awesome commentary! 

Dan Citi says:

That dress is doooooopeee


PS: Kanye West is the man!

mo bu says:

That white guy is a yeezy Stan 

jaycuzzi says:

is it just me or bald people are always famous?

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