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Things Badly Begun


Anonymous says:

Good acting, okay story with almost no likable characters Unhinged, relentless, brutal, riveting and authentic. The series wraps up in an explosive and tangled web of conspiracy, corruption and betrayal. Through the series the viewer is always challenged to figure out the motivations of the characters, who is really good, who is really bad.There is a parallel and contrast here that makes a statement on these two brothers who both manipulate their worlds, one through crime, one through politics. By the time this third season rolls around…

Anonymous says:

I’m really on the fence about this one. I absolutely glommed all three seasons, it was that fantastic. Yet there were a zillion plot holes I was obviously willing to forgive. They probably didn’t have much warning this would be their season finale, so the creator had to come up with a finale that tried to tie loose ends together. I’m still wondering, though. What happened between Kath and Colin? Did anyone ever figure out what caused that scar on Michael’s back? Where was he for 7 years…

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