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This Fit Mom Of Two Works Out With Her Daughters And It’s Pretty Darn Cute

This takes #fitfam to a whole new level.

1. Lauren Rodgers, known as bottlesandbarbells on Instagram, is the mother of two small children. Since working out with two little ones running around can be difficult, Lauren has found the perfect solution— incorporating her girls into her workouts.

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2. With her 1 and 2-year-olds in tow, Lauren finds creative ways to work out around the house, and changes up her workouts so that her daughters can safely participate.

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3. Her oldest daughter even has her own pint-sized kettle bell!

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4. And sometimes they even get dad in on the fun…

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5. According to Instagram, Lauren’s girls often ask her to work out, and are always smiling and giggling while getting their fitness on.

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6. On Instagram, Lauren, who suffered from an eating disorder before becoming passionate about fitness, often writes about the reasons why she has her daughters work out with her.

“Being a mom is my main reason to be fit & healthy. I want my girls to have a good example in a world of obesity and eating disorders. I love seeing them try things that I do and ask to workout at ages 1 & 2. I love seeing them WANT to eat fruit & cottage cheese & veggies. Our kids are the next generation & if you want them to change the world, show them how.”

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