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This Is What It Looks Like When A Pit Bull Gets Rescued

1. Hope For Paws is a rescue agency that uses YouTube to connect rescued dogs with new forever homes.

2. Last month, they found this little lady, exhausted, in a lot in Los Angeles. They named her Cadence.

3. Luckily, the Hope For Paws group were able to get her into a veterinary clinic to get her x-rays and start her on antibiotics.

4. They put her under the gas with puppy anesthesia to clean up the wounds around her face.

5. After her surgery Cadence made some new friends.

7. And played some dress up.

8. Then it was time for Cadence’s Entropion surgery, to fix her eyes.

9. And then, of course, the dreaded cone of shame, which she cheerifully wore.

11. Then the cone came off, with one last vet check-up to make sure her eyes are in tip-top shape.

12. And now she’s hanging out at her foster home, recovering (and swimming), waiting to be adopted.

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