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This Woman Was Posting About A Local Car Accident…When She Discovered Her Worst Nightmare.

Caran Johnson, a wife and mother, like to keep an eye on her police scanner so that she could be kept informed about accidents in her area. One afternoon, she began tweeting about an accident she heard of near her home. As time went on, her tweets became more worried… and then she realized her worst nightmare just came true.

When she heard about the collision on her scanner, she began tweeting about it.

She knew there was a two car accident on the 205 southbound in Vancouver at 1:40pm.

She mourned the loss of the individual in the accident.

The wife then began to worry about her husband, knowing he’d be on his way home and he’d have to use the 205.

She became increasingly frantic when she couldn’t get in touch with him.

She reached out to others online, attempting to find out more information about the accident.

No one could give her a straight answer.

At every turn, Caran received terrifying information.

And then… she knew.

Craig Johnson was on his way home from work when he got into the accident. His car crossed the median and struck an oncoming truck, head-on.

State troopers aren’t quite sure what happened to Craig yet to cause him to cross the median.

A stranger then reached out to Caran over Twitter. She was with Craig during his last moments and could offer the grieving wife some comfort.

We can’t imagine experiencing such a tragedy, let alone realizing what may have happened slowly over the course of the day. Please keep the Johnson family in your thoughts. Source

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