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Tomi Lahren And Chelsea Handler Had Very Different Reactions To The Trans Military Ban

Conversationtopics are still up in the air for the highly anticipated showdown Saturday, July 29, between Tomi Lahren and Chelsea Handler at the annual Politicon conference in California. But after the week we’ve had, it’s entirely possible, if not likely, that one of the country’s most hotly debated topics will come up: transgender rights. Handler and Lahren reacted differentlyto the trans military ban news this week.

This week (more accurately, this whole year) has been loaded with controversy-sparking news, giving more fuel to the fire in terms of entertaining debate topics. Butperhaps the rawest topic is thanks toPresident Donald Trump’s ban ontransgender people serving in the military, which he announced on Twitter (thus making it not really a real thing) on July 26.

Not surprisingly, the liberal Handler and conservative Lahren disagree on most everything politics-related, includingabortionandhealth care. But this week’sbanlaid bare the palpable difference between the two personalities in their stances on transgender rights.Specifically, in response to Trump’s ban, Lahren took to Twitter to express her views, as she often does.

Lahren also spoke out in a self-filmed videolaudingTrump’s ban, saying the military is not a social experiment. While she said in the video that she was not against trans people, she rattled off reasons why she believes they don’t belong in the military.

In a videoclip fromHandler’s Netflix show this week, Handlerdefended the rights of trans people to serve in the military and called out Trump’s decision.

She shared the video on her own personal Twitter account and her show’s as well.

In the video, Handler says,

To everyone in the transgender community, I am sorry that the man who’s never served in the military a day in his life is denying you the right to serve your country. Thank you for your service, and thank you for your bravery.

She’s publicly stood up for the trans community many times, in fact.

And just for good measure, Handler tweeted her disagreement yet again, joining a flock of celebrities who publiclydenounced Trump’s ban on Twitter.

If the topic of trans rights comes up during tomorrow’s conversationbetween them, it promises to be an unforgettable show.

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