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Transparency!: Obama’s swearing in may be private; lapdogs bark!/stilloldduck/status/277986016378359808

Wait, what? We thought this was the most transparent administration evah! Oh, yeah: They evolved on that, too, at least according to Jay Carney. And the lack of transparency continues. This time, with more oath taking!

This is outrageous… But what isn’t w/ the King? “@jimgeraghty: Obama’s Presidential Oath of Office: a Private Affair

— Staci R. Tawbush (@stacitawbush) December 10, 2012

Oh, dear. Not only was the media shut out of the Romney lunch, but they now may be shut out of President Obama’s swearing-in. The media is once again learning that unrequited love totally hurts.

MSM concerned about private inauguration. @nbc says “..not their oath…It’s for public” So is #Benghazi. HYPOCRITES!

— NASA Guy (@NASA_1967) December 9, 2012

Chuck Todd STUNNED that #Obama considers ditching Constitution Re:Oath. Used up sheep.#tcot via @breitbartnews

— Tea Party Sailor (@Win_The_US_Back) December 8, 2012

I agree w/ @chucktodd and @edhenrytv. Mind-boggling that official presidential oath could be closed press.

— Alex Conant (@AlexConant) December 8, 2012

“This is not their oath, this is the constitutional oath. It’s not for them. It’s for the public, the citizens of the US” really Chuck Todd!

— JadedByPolitics (@JadedByPolitics) December 8, 2012

Did Chuck Todd forget a few things? Love isn’t just blind; it’s blinding!

Remember that after Roberts/Obama bungled oath in Jan 2009, re-do was also closed press. Set bad precedent for press access during 1st term.

— Alex Conant (@AlexConant) December 8, 2012

@chucktodd Re POTUS wanting oath taken in private- u r shocked? Maybe you ought to give some thought to all of this. Maybe u don’t get it.

— @Kansaspider C Webb (@kansaspider) December 8, 2012

Based on his lapdog history, Chuck Todd will never learn.

Twitter users who already get it aren’t surprised, and call out the president as only they can.

Why Obama wants to ban media from swearing in. Think the swearing in will omit the oath. Obama will declare himself dictator of the U.S.

— Patricia McAllister (@PatMcAll) December 9, 2012

This guy’s penchant for secrecy borders on obsessive… wtf would he want to take the Oath of Office behind closed…

— Mark Williams (@TalkerMark) December 9, 2012

“It boggles the mind” RT @jimgeraghty: No press, please, it’s just the president taking the oath of office:

— Andy Lancaster (@andylancaster) December 10, 2012

@byronyork because Obama taking an oath he will never keep doesn’t need more transparency.

— Frank Beaudine (@usa_truth) December 9, 2012

Afterwards, ironic laughter ensues [email protected]jimgeraghty: No press, please, it’s just the president taking the oath of office:

— Ry Brooks (@RyBrooks) December 10, 2012

Gangnam Style RT @jimgeraghty: No press, please, it’s just the president taking the oath of office:

— Barbara McMahon (@southsalem) December 10, 2012

Another killer photo op!

And a silver lining to the secrecy?

Who gives a shit if Obama takes his second oath in private? Consider it one less time we’re forced to see his bitchmade ass on TV.

— Harry(@Tark31) December 10, 2012


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