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US Men’s Basketball Is Ditching The Olympic Village For An Insane Yacht

Shower heads falling off, a lack of electricity, holes in the wall, water issues, robbery those are just some of the things that both the men and women’s US basketball teams will not have to worry about during the Olympics.

That’s because Team USA basketball balled out and arranged for a luxury cruise liner to be their home during the summer games in Rio, according to Daily Mail.

According to Daily Mail, the cruise liner is a nine-deck ship that will bemanned by tight security and will feature beds to accommodate the lengthy players.

The move makes sense, too, especially if you consider the wealth of Team USA’s basketball players compared to the average Olympian.

To put it quite simply, if you know anything about NBA player salaries, you’ll know that they ain’t about that life.

What life, you ask? The commoner’s life, which is exactly the type of like that the International Olympic Committee has athletes living out in Rio for the summer Olympics.

For instance, take Matthew Dellevedova, NBA champion and recent signee of a $40 million contract. Dellevedova tweeted out a picture of him getting settled at the Olympic Village with Australia men’s basketball teammate a photo which made both players look more like they’d just moved into their dorms at superlow-budget college.

And then there’s fellow Aussie basketball player Andrew Bogut. By the looks of his tweets, Bogut would definitely love to have one of those special beds that the US players have.

Yep, pretty sure Team USA’s players won’t be putting together their own shower curtains on their luxury cruise ship.

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