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View from Angels Landing of Zion, Utah (OC)


Relyks76 says:

I dream about climbing that rock face – I don’t want to do it, mind you – just dream about it.

Starfield says:

A good place for Mormons to ponder why they don’t drink coffee.

spiraldoor says:

I got lost here once at like two in the morning and it was terrifying

Lolmarty says:

Well, I’m trying to think outside of the cube.

cuntsparkle says:

You are one buttcheek away from eternity young man

Slimmer6 says:


mooncactus says:

‘Utah?’ Dude, you can’t just make stuff up…

Granolaclusters says:

The phrase is “take for granted.”

Gotham3 says:

Zion chose a very difficult terrain to land

elliedoodles says:

I’m so happy I left Utah. I’m getting cotton mouth just looking at this.

Eadams51 says:

And terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.

cormacmccarthyreviewsdottiescafe says:

meh Red Dead Revolver had a far better story

Thecatalyzt says:

Guys, its blood gulch (Valhalla)

mnemo70 says:

I would have loved to see this in Full-HD myself. Maybe they’ll remake it for Xbox One or PS4…

Donnydangaaazone says:

Zion National Parking lot

LucasAM77 says:

Umm.. Redemption

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