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We go forward.


theicewalker says:

This is wonderful. So many feels from so few pixels.

Ndrums says:

Mom! NOOO!!!

IfEnglishMuffinsAndMuffinsAreDifferentWhyNotCallThemFluffins says:

Confused, confused, still confused, happy, happier, HAPPY, sad.

nbritsky says:

That explains how you get extra lifes.

sereri says:

Do owls even make turds?

Makinbrosmadonimgurandnotgivingafuck says:

Feels brought to you by “Owlturd”

AGameofPwns says:

Oooo the feels are strong with this one

spierdolinka says:

Say “Hello”, receive a baby. That got out of hand quickly

AtillaTheKhan says:

he totally could have made that jump

awwwwwyisspizza says:

This hit home with me really hard.

notadroob says:


beeflovemein says:

That’s…actually really deep. Children of immigrants can relate especially.

septemberthirtieth says:

My thoughts exactly. FUCK YOU!

kaakku says:

How did he build the house?

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