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We miss you Steve. :'(


influ says:


Kaleopolitus says:

*Flashing hand light* Resolve the situation within ten seconds or I will flash with rage and kill someone.

DuckSeasonWabbitSeason says:

It’s funny because heaven doesn’t exist.

forthosewhoarehomesick says:

I’ll just leave this here

YouGotOne says:

“And now I’m going to stuck my finger in his butthole!”

shawsheen72 says:

This man is loved and missed

BlanketyBlanketyBlank says:

Where did he get that stick?

CorgiCosmonaut says:

Learning: this man wrestled crocs to help us do it.

snapperdoozle says:

Does anyone else see his left hand kind of looks like a squish mitten/ ham wallet/ whisker biscuit/ oyster ditch/ cock socket/crotch pocket?

derkaderkajihad says:

and now I’m gonna stick my fingah in it’s butthole!

gaylightningbolt says:

Touched by an Angel

TwitchZargos says:

I was so sad when he died…

Classtoise says:

*Ahem*Should read “Learning: Some people don’t STOP”

DuckSeasonWabbitSeason says:

I wasn’t aware we cared about a name, I certainly don’t.

NeatMonster777 says:

why would poking an angel be dangerous?

CaptainJeanLucPicardoftheFederationStarshipEnterprise says:

When I found out that he was dead, I cried for 3 hours straight.

fuckeverythingsbright says:

This thing looks dangerous….I’ma poke it with a stick!

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