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Weekly Vlog | Highlights From The Weekend…Car Shopping, Trader Joe's, Taste Testing & More

Welcome to my first Weekly Vlog!

PSA- I am vlogging exclusively with my Iphone at the moment, so the quality varies depending on the natural lighting. I think it’s important to give it a few months just using what is already available to me. I want to ensure I am all in with YouTube before investing in a camera and filming equipment.

In this vlog, I take you through my Saturday morning routine, car shopping with a friend, grocery shopping on Sunday, a quick “About me” sit down chat and I taste test a, new to me, frozen pasta dish from Trader Joe’s and a red wine I’ve been saving.

(1) Car Shopping
T-shirt, Mango:
Jeans, Mango:
Sneakers, New Balance 327 “Rust”: Colorway no longer available
(2) Grocery Shopping
T-Shirt, Mango: (See above)
Jogger Shorts, Native Supply: No longer available, but please do check out this Black/Afro Latina, Christian owned streetwear brand, they are dope!
Boot, Ash: I scored mine second hand on Poshmark, but they are sold on Shopbop, Farfetch and more.!3510!3!46002876497!!!g!515390239912!

Coffee Mug, Amazon:

Wine glass, CB2:

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kizzymarlene says:

Roslyn Rene on Instagram sent me here. Love your personality. You have a new subscriber!

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