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Westcott 8″ Titanium Non-Stick Straight Scissors, 3 Pack

The very latest technology from Westcott combines titanium with a unique non-stick coating that is permanently bonded to the blades, delivering improved cutting performance. Blades are 6x longer lasting than the previous formula, so blades stay sharper, longer, and are resistant to adhesives such as glue, adhesive tape and Velcro. For left or right hand use. From the Manufacturer: Creating your next masterpiece is easy when you have the very best tools to work with. Westcott, the leader in cutting technology brings you a coordinated assortment of all the essential tools you need to bring your ideas to life

Product Features

  • Titanium Bonded Blades are 6X longer lasting than the previous formula, so blades stay sharper, longer
  • Non-Stick coating makes blades corrosion and adhesive-resistant
  • Perfect for cutting tape, Velcro fasteners, and other adhesives
  • Ideal for the mail room, art classroom, and scrapbooking projects
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

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Anonymous says:

Best Scissors for Cutting Sticky Items I work with lots of sticky vinyl and cutting it all day long gums up other scissors. After working with normal scissors versus these non-stick scissors I have noticed the difference. I don’t have to being cleaning the stickiness off these scissors every couple of days because they truly are non-stick. They are nice and sharp and I have already purchased a couple pairs for my work place. Even my co-workers notice the difference and these scissors are constantly fought over because they are that…

Anonymous says:

Other scissors get gummed up over time and need a good cleaning.

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