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What is GENTRIFICATION? Highland Park, Echo Park, Silver Lake, Eagle Rock…


Justin LA says:

This isn’t a racial issue as most people in these comments choose to
believe. This is a socioeconomic issue and social class matter. There are
rich Hispanics who live in silverlake. It takes a group of ignorant morons
to hate white people without understanding the situation.

octavelove says:

You might as well say gentrification is a modern day colonization because
the orginal inhabitant aren’t smart enough have there own community prosper
and are to dumb and stupid to improve their condition. its pretty much
the poor!!!!

Robert Mergaert says:

I grew up in Highland Park in the late 50’s, early 60’s. We lived there
because a single mother of 3 boys who worked in unskilled labor could
afford to live there safely. It was a good place to grow up, It wasn’t
“Mayberry”, but close by todays standards. We moved away (mid 60’s) when
you could get more for less in the East Valley.
Covina, which at one time was just orchards and farmland was now being
developed. Mom bought a 3 bdrm, 10 year old track home for 14K.
I believe an area is either growing, or dying, and Highland Park was slowly
dying. Downtown LA is a good example. Once a thriving city, with movie
theaters, department stores, manufacturing companies, garment and jewelry
districts, and major financial companies. It got pretty close to death
until property values got low enough to make it a good deal to buy, fix up,
and attract. A decaying bakery company is now upscale loft apartments, a
long closed jewelery store, now a trendy brew pub, etc. LA is now back to
growing. Will it ever be the same as it was in it’s hay days? No. Will it
be better than it’s almost dead days? Yes. You can call it gentrification,
or you can call it rebirth. If you expect everything to remain the same as
it was, your living on the wrong planet. 

pitbullmrwhat says:

These people are dumb as rocks

ron sanchez says:

Gentrification is good cleans out the bad areas you could say the bad
people move into other bad areas better to keep them all in one area easier
to watch

Onlylettuce92 says:

Um wow! Holy crap these people are idiots! 

yotem16 says:

I’m Hispanic and own a home in Highland Park and I think gentrification is
great. Our property values keep going up,crime goes down and schools
improve. Only an idiot wouldn’t want these things to improve. I see a lot
of non white hipsters on York. So it isn’t just a “white thing”.

Pete W says:

If you want to find people that actually know about gentrification and have
opinions on the subject, go to downtown LA.

Alain Atlas says:

los angelans are dumb ….

Pand Coac says:

The one guy who at least had an understanding of the term exhibits the same
kind of the tolerant attitude that many gentrifiers already have, but the
fact is they’re still pricing vulnerable people out of the area because as
that one guy said at the start, he was happy his property values were
increasing, the same could not be said for those who don’t own the property
they live in

MsClover Fields says:

Awe, bad edu sucks like leeches! Really like that neck of the woods.
Atwater, losFilez, Silverlake. Just wonderful & so nice.

ggg says:

Watching this makes me feel smart

Echo Park Forums says:

What is gentrification?

ggg says:

white people believe that they are heroes for riding bicycles, eating
organic food, and having a beard. They feel so good about themselves while
not even blinking to the fact that their affluence displaces a community
that is disenfranchised and poor.

Melissa Ortega says:

sad as shit it is

Ms. Thang says:

Poor vs Rich as usual.

jimbanzo says:

they’ll know what gentrification once they kick their asses out of their
house and build some condos

Jose Angel Rodriguez says:

I remember when Echo Park was filled with Latinos. First the Latinos moved
the blacks away and now the whites are moving the latinos away.

gettingrichinamerica says:

how’s landcaster? lol

ManWest says:

I live SMACK in the middle of SIlverlake (Sunset Junction). What has
happened to us has been devastating. Wealthy trust fund straight hipsters,
needlessly proud Aryan soccer moms with TRIPLE baby strollers have driven
out all diversity what so ever. Gay men and Latino families created this
neighborhood and it flourished for 50 YEARS without much trouble. Cholos
got along with gay people, we had goths, REAL starving artists, etc. Now it
is all one race and rents have been raised 300%. Sad.

baniharhara1 says:

This host is a clueless fool “it’s ok cause everything turns out for the
best” Hell no!!!, unless of course you are the benefactor of white
privilege. Gentrification is colonization, displacement, racism, classism,
an exercise in white privilege. I could go on forever. This idiot needs to
take this subject more seriously, instead of laughing and dancing like a
clown. Gentrification has been awful to many of the people who lived in the
neighborhoods being gentrified.

2deluxe58 says:

wtf…i understand where you maybe wanted to go with this video..but you
got nowhere. Next time have equal representation of people who dislike
gentrification and those who do like it..not just people saying they dont
know what the word means and one white dude (who was still ignorant about
the subject) The paragraph you provided in the video description was more
insightful than the video itself.

ManWest says:

What happened here in Silverlake and Echo Park has been devastating. The
vile “trustafarian” anglo hipsters drove out the once humble and eclectic
mix of gays and Latino families and *truly* starving artists. They are all
gone now. Replaced by hundreds of aryan babies and vegan, bearded unicycle
tofu worshipping wealthy wannabe hippies. My rent was $375 a month when I
loved here in the mid-90’s. My neighbors in the same size apartment pay
$900 now. Anything gay or Latino: gutted and forgotten.

mexifirefighter says:

I live in portland, OR. They’re throwing money for bike safety and new
lanes, some public transportation crap that’s not really useful. And at the
same time the police is in a hiring freeze and they might start laying off
FIREFIGHTERS! That’s the Libtards mentality. Hipsters get what they want!
They’re some if the most racist people ive met.!! Some very cute Caucasian
female even admitted that portland is a pretty racist town! Hipsters are
just paying the way for yuppies! Snobby hipster-yuppies!

mexifirefighter says:

So why is it only hipsters moving? I live in portland, or., its full of
hipsters and yuppies. They’re the most racist people I know. They don’t
embrace culture! They get what they want and that’s it! CONDOS KILL CULTURE!

lemmieatit says:

Where is that town. Those must be about the dumbest sons of bitches.
Anyhow, gentrification is alive and in full affect in Brooklyn. These out
of State hipsters move in, followed by bars, restaurants, coffee shops and
evictions. Rents in some parts of bklyn have more than doubled; forcing
long time residents to pack up and leave. Some have to leave New York

brown berets LA says:

i tell you what it mean taking over mexican american community where the
rent is to high and cant afford to stay in….

mexifirefighter says:

The government is throwing money to transportation, bike safety, and other
things that are not necessary. They’re going to start laying off
FIREFIGHTERS! HELLO!! Stupid Libtards! And that’s what’s happening in
highland park, bikes lanes and other shit, just to accommodate them. But
nothing for the working class!

Robert D. Skeels says:

The disgustingly racist Echo Parque Gang Injunction is perhaps the most
aggressive form of gentrification there is.

lowincash says:

I’m really bummed how this place is turning out. I miss the Echo Park of
the 80’s-90’s. Hipsters go away please.

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