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What Kind Of French Fry Are You?

Time to find out if you’re a crinkle-cut, a curly, or smothered in hot cheese.

What Kind Of French Fry Are You?

  1. You got: Poutine

    You have many eclectic interests, but it all comes together to make you a very well-rounded and interesting person. Some people might think that you’re weird, but the people who get you love you with a great passion.

    Joe Shlabotnik / Via Flickr: joeshlabotnik

  2. You got: Baked “Fries”

    You’re not exactly an exciting person, and you tend to avoid taking risks. But you take good care of yourself, and you find happiness in small pleasures.

    Gail / Via Flickr: gail_thepinkpeppercorn

  3. You got: Home Fries

    You’re that cool person who people only see once in a while but wish they could hang out with all the time. You may not always be available, but you’re always there when people need you most.

    TheDigitel Beaufort / Via Flickr: [email protected]

  4. You got: Tater Tots

    You’re a proud nonconformist, and like to challenge people’s preconceptions. You’re always fun to be around, and kids love you.

    michaelsmithchico / Via Flickr: [email protected]

  5. You got: Curly Fries

    You’re bold and opinionated, and some people don’t really get you, but eff the haters. You have a way of making dull occasions more exciting just by showing up.

    PointNShoot / Via Flickr: pointnshoot

  6. You got: Sweet Potato Fries

    You’re offbeat and unusual, but in the best way possible. You’re the type of person who always stands out, but you get along great with other people and are always fun at a party.

    jeffreyww / Via Flickr: jeffreyww

  7. You got: Cheese Fries

    You’re exciting and adventurous, and always live in the moment. You’re just a very “YOLO” kind of person.

    Krista / Via Flickr: scaredykat

  8. You got: Waffle Fries

    You’re a stable and dependable person who works well with others. You tend to be pretty humble, but your friends always appreciate your upbeat personality and unique perspective on the world.

    Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau / Via Flickr: shreveportbossier

  9. You got: Steak Fries

    You’re strong and sturdy but physically and emotionally. People often look to you for wisdom and support.

    Wanna Jean / Via Flickr: wannajean

  10. You got: Crinkle-Cut Fries

    You’re very cool but totally unpretentious. You’re usually not the center of attention, but your friends wouldn’t dream of throwing a party without you.

    Alexis Lamster / Via Flickr: amlamster

  11. You got: Pomme Frites

    You’re classy and refined, yet totally unpretentious. You can fit in with pretty much anyone, but sometimes you’re happiest all on your own.

    Arnold Gatilao / Via Flickr: arndog

  12. You got: Shoestring Fries

    You’re upbeat and friendly, and pretty much everyone loves you. Sometimes you worry about being “basic,” but you’re not basic – you’re perfect.

    Bing / Via Flickr: cherrylet


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