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What so-called Black Consciousness & PTSD Negros Dont Get Yet


melaninman71 says:

I don’t care who it is, anytime someone tries to point you to religion, r a
man, r some other Saviour outside of yourself, they are false or misguided
themselves . If the blind leads the blind…

tasbiza says:

see sir we are AFRICAN we are BLACK i am south African according to my
geographical location on the map but sir what you need to understand is
that before the European came into Africa, Africa had no boarders and the
word tribe sir is a European invention the is no word in most if not all
African vocabularies that can actually translate the word tribe
it does not exist in our was just a tool used to divide black
nation that actually split to expand in different locations within is a large continent if i may remind you sir..we cannot all
stay in ghana or egypt or etheopia ..we are African an we are black which
makes us brothers..and

educationisthekey3 says:

@hustlevilleent12 You may be my color but you are not my kind… This don’t
concern you this is family business for us Hebrews & the Beta IsraEL home &

iamunique says:

Big video! Thanks!

educationisthekey3 says:

@NOTRUSTBELLE Stay strong my sister when you are finding the truth many
people will fight you down even your own flesh & blood but it is a
spiritual thing we are dealing with. How could they relate if they are not
bearing witness to the truth or even open to the learning about it. Stay on
your path studying & linking with righteous thinking people. All you can do
is pray for them ask ELohim to have mercy on their souls. John 8:32 And ye
shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


@educationisthekey3 you sound so dam dumb REALTALK. Thats while yall stay
fighting amongst Blks- stay trying to stay true to whitemans law. Dont get
me wrong i fux w/ yall but some of u need 2 get real- seriously. In blk
neighborhoods screaming at blks about the whiteman and the law is retarded-
bring me some heads then we can talk Shalom and UNITY!

educationisthekey3 says:

@hustlevilleent12 Real Talk I suspect that you are mentally challenged,
because you still not getting it. What have you done to be criticizing our
brothers. I don’t agree with the method but some have the right message.
All you have is the unity talk but tell me how you plan on doing this? On
some black-ism because we black sorry hasn’t worked you need a real
strategy. We Hebrews know who we are & are in covenant so there is TRUE
UNITY. You still think you are black so you lack illumination.

educationisthekey3 says:

@hustlevilleent12 Who said anything about fighting against Blacks? You
sound real dam dumb! We Hebrews cannot waste time with people like you who
have no plan just this unity talk. For real & do what? There has to be
community to unify. How can you unify with ppl who are not in common union
so that we can commune in unity. You need to get a dam clue, this video was
talking about ppl like you. They are Hebrew family but we are not those
brothers next time check before you make a rush judgement.

Ritakins says:

So what do we do? We go back to Africa to find our tribe? And for what? To
further separate and divide us? To revert from the goal of pan-africanism?
Maybe this video is above my level of thinking. But I don’t see the
necessity of separating us. I’m trying to join the black conscious
movement…but this doesn’t seem to be doing it. All black people unite!!!
Let us help each other out of this mental slavery they have us in!! Not
focus on the differences of black people.

educationisthekey3 says:

@NOTRUSTBELLE Selatma My Sister! Thank you for the love & support. I love
the enthusiasm keep, on practicing & it will make you perfect in no time
you will memorized it. You will get a fight unfortunately from family but
continue to let the Holy Spirit guide you into all things that are right &
true. It is the spirit that guides us & links us together with Christ. Stay
strong and pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide you into the
path of Righteousness. Shalom & Blessing Ras Tafari

rey9883 says:

Why do Black folks engage with such stupid shit.. this nigga is promoting
divisiveness. GTFOH!

A K I S H A H O L L A N D says:

I feel you but your arrogance is out of order

educationisthekey3 says:

@NOTRUSTBELLE Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye
transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that
good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Stay strong my sister
Shalom & Blessing… The Conquering Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah Has
Prevailed!!! Ras Tafari

The4cHairChannel says:

Too many people want to dress up and play African with no sense of
knowledge of their heritage. (I’m Malian btw.)

educationisthekey3 says:

@hustlevilleent12 How can we unity with ppl like you. You sound like the
stupid gentle cattle infected by the devil without substance & value to
contribute to this discussion. You realized this video was talking about
you & ppl like you so you got offended. You still have no plan on what you
would do to unify Black People as you call us. So you got angry and decided
to get foul with us. Like I said you may be my color but you are not my
kind. I am finished wasting time with you goodbye LOSER!.


shit sounds stupid. FINAL ANSWER: yes we are different people Like whites
were different “tribes” but they unified under the idea of WHITE and took
out Blacks of ALL TRIBES off european and American land- there must be
unity FIRST to – as you say “dispalce Babylon” everything else is RETARDED

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