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What’s the Biggest Threat to U.S. Competitiveness?


johnnymexica says:

Stupid parents = create stupid children = stupid future of America

j.d Pozo says:

then u should grow some kids the RIGHT way johnnymexica

Peter Fritz Walter says:

Very valid arguments, yes, there are industries such as ecology where
Germany, the Netherlands and even Brazil now are more competitive. Tax
issue, I am not sure, compared to Europe the USA has still relatively low
taxes, but compared to Asia, of course, it’s the other way around. A whole
restructuring of the US economy is a huge task, but I am not sure this can
be done in a decade or so. Yes, as Riane Eisler says, one issue to reduce
the military budget and put more effort in good education.

delatroy says:


Peter Fritz Walter says:

A very good argument is to make the tourism industry more profitable.
Tourism is huge business in Asia, look only at a country like Indonesia
that made an 8% GDP growth last year, most of that from tourism. America is
one of the most beautiful countries in the world, so promoting tourism
would per se be an excellent idea, but as far as I can see Americans
themselves hardly ever thought that their country could be a fantastic
tourist destination. For Europeans, it certainly is.

goldsilverandiamonds says:

Progressive liberals and their anti American socialist agenda.

Fuc Cao Vinh says:

Racism: If America changed from being the most racist country to the least
racist country within a year or 2 (which seems hard after 100 or 200 years
of it…), all the world (~4/5 of which is non-white or ~9/10
non-blue/green eyed or ~19/20 non-Aryan) would want to invest in it,
consume/import from it, study/exchange in/with it, or contribute to it in 1
way or another …; all in a more sincere/significant way than it already
is in spite of it…

Kali Orkin says:

What interests me about this is the variation of answers from people in
various positions.

BeGunNer says:

Am I the only one or was this video merely full of generic statements; yet
no actual new content? Sure, one can hardly expect a detailed analysis of
such complex topic in 8 minutes, but I am not sure if this gave me any new

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