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When I get marked down for spelling in math


Allhailbenderbendingrodriguez says:


RadekBonksMullet says:

no, this is patrick

ATrollinCentralPark says:


beetchkumate says:


metaj says:

When you draw a slice of pie instead of pi, you’re gonna get deducted.

MagicSpaceMan says:

Shit, I mark my AP Calc teacher down for spelling errors. She takes off points b/c it pisses her off, but I do it anyway

Bhhbhbb says:

Sin is fake

crueldark says:

ye bitch! don’t do something that involves grading if you’re going to dock for the correct answer.

Mudkipfucker2 says:

misread it as ‘Algeria’ got confused

kootiepatra says:

As someone who grades papers: ALWAYS assume that spelling, grammar, and formatting is important.

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