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Which University Of California Should You Actually Attend?

Whether you’re in-state or out-of-state, you’re blue and gold at heart.

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Which University Of California Should You Actually Attend?

  1. You got: University of California, Merced

    UC Merced was founded in 2005 and is the newest of the UCs. It’s also the tiniest of the UCs, but here, you can really carve out your own path and figure out what you want to make of your college experience on your own. If you choose Merced, it’s likely you’re more comfortable in a closer-knit environment. Woohoo! Go Bobcats!

    UC Merced / Via

  2. You got: University of California, Riverside

    UC Riverside has the largest undergraduate business program. Located in Riverside, UC Riverside knows how to party. It also has one of the most ethnically and economically diverse student populations. If you choose Riverside, it’s probably because you want an environment that’s challenging, but also knows how to party.

    UC Riverside / Via

  3. You got: University of California, Davis

    UC Davis has the number one agriculture program in the U.S. and anyone who goes there gets a lot of jokes about cows. Once you get past that though, Davis is awesome. It’s considered one of the Public Ivies. Also, Davis is located in YOLO County — which, whether you publicly admit or not, is how you live.

    UC Davis / Via

  4. You got: University of California, Irvine

    Located in the heart of Orange County, Irvine is super-suburban. But kids work hard and play hard here, having one of the best Comp Lit programs in America (thanks to Derrida’s tenure at the school). Also, half the campus is on Newport Beach, which is pretty sweet. Irvine also has a booming Greek scene, because, it’s located in the über-suburbs, c’mon. At Irvine, you have an excellent mix of prestige and party, which is exactly what you embody.

    UC Irvine / Via

  5. You got: University of California, Berkeley

    Considered one of the best universities in the nation, UC Berkeley tops the rankings. Located in Berkeley, it is the oldest of the UC system, established in 1868. Yeah, if you go here, you’re probably in the topmost echelon of brilliant high school kids.

    UC Berkeley / Via

  6. You got: University of California, Santa Barbara

    Located in Santa Barbara, UC Santa Barbara has some of the prettiest scenery around. UCSB is busy climbing the ranks in public universities. Also, the school hosts the best Halloween parties, like, legendary. If you attend Santa Barbara, you like a relaxed atmosphere that is fun but still academically driven.

    UC Santa Barbara / Via

  7. You got: University of California, Los Angeles

    UCLA kicks ass in academics, but at the same time, it’s located in one of the major cities of the United States. UCLA ranks closely behind Berkeley, but if you go here, you’re probably a little cooler, and you get access to excellent cafeteria food.

    UCLA / Via

  8. You got: University of California, Santa Cruz

    Located in gorgeous Santa Cruz, UC Santa Cruz is nestled right in some redwood forests. It does have a reputation of being kind of crunchy, but it still means business in academics. Also, UCSC offers one of the top astronomy programs in the world. If you like Santa Cruz, you probably like nature a whole lot. You’re not a conformist and you’re not looking for a stereotypical college experience.

    UC Santa Cruz / Via

  9. You got: University of California, San Diego

    UC San Diego has a top-ranked biology program and it’s located in La Jolla. If you attend UCSD, you’re happy exactly where you are. You don’t have to travel very far since you have everything you need — downtown San Diego, the beach, awesome Mexican food — right on your doorstep.

    UC San Diego / Via


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