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White separatist’s flag display irks Hayden neighbors

For years North Idaho has been trying to shake a reputation of racism and white supremacy but some people in one Hayden neighborhood say they feel as if one …

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Inconel1891 says:

The more I hear “anti-white” the more sense it makes.

Hey Herjan says:

What you do not do is telling the truth that you are either a traitor or
just plain anti-white. I stated a comment in the beginning and you are
accusing me of lack of logic by calling names and telling me to do things
while you have already lost your argument by raving around. Do you support
multiculturalism? Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-white.

IzzyK98 says:

But you haven’t watched the video. It won’t kill you to learn something. I
don’t hate white children, I don’t hate any children. That’s more than you
can say, because you hate any child who is not white. Even if I for some
ludicrous reason did hate white children, I still wouldn’t have as much
hate towards other human beings as you. So why bring it up? You must either
be a six year old who watched too much American X, or a sad excuse for a
white man. Better luck next time.

Hey Herjan says:

I have already made my point. Why do you support white genocide? Why do you
hate white children? Amti-racism is a codeword for anti-white.

zingerman11259 says:

America isn’t a Christian nation dumbass

Neto231917 says:

White pride

BigStick3456 says:

Screw the racist inbred, Sally Showman is hot!

Hey Herjan says:

Yes I read your comment. And I see that you got a big mouth also. If you
are so logical your self, why do you support white genocide?

gena litovkin says:

I am with you!

Daniel Genseric says:

anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

Donald Iarussi MFA says:

whatever, the guy is a racist but has a constitutional right to be one…
dont bring attention to it morons i dont like any flags but state or usa

Dick Grayson says:

let’s keep a redneck nation…..lols

EvilsOfFeminism says:

What’s fucked up is the media covering “separatists” who fly SS flags. He’s
a Nazi. They’re not the same.

Silas Von Lindt says:

@zazenzach No. Jesus was not a Jew. watch?v=FIROkq9Zdr0

Silas Von Lindt says:

@zazenzach Christ was Hebrew, an Israelite and a Judahite (of the tribe of
Judah). But He was no Jew.

svennbreng says:

Youmiss the Point Izzy Sminklewitz. Anti-whites demand that EVERY white
country and ONLY white countries bring in non-whites and blend ourselves
out of existence with them! If I speak up against this genocide of my race,
I’m a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews! White GeNOcide! Anti-racist is a
code word for anti-White!

CharlemagneCrowned says:

Article 2, Part (c) of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of
the Crime of Genocide from 1948 defines genocide as: (c) Deliberately
inflicting on the group CONDITIONS OF LIFE calculated to bring about its
physical destruction in whole or in part; 3rd-World-Immigration,
Assimila­tion, Integration & Diversity programs target White Nations & ONLY
White Nations! All of these programs ULTIMATELY lead to White GENOCIDE !

James Roberts says:

Well..your entitled to your own beliefs. As retarded and uneducated as they
may seem.

CharlemagneCrowned says:

Raphael Lemkin was the lawyer who COINED THE TERM GENOCIDE from the root
words genos (Greek for family,tribe, or race) and -cide (Latin for
killing). Raphael Lemkin stated that the objectives of a plan for
committing genocide of a particular group would INCLUDE ” disintegration of
the political & social institutions of culture, language,national
feelings,religion & the economic existence of national groups “. Today this
is happening to Europe and to all European founded nations!

IzzyK98 says:

I support people believing whatever societal system best suits them as long
as it is not destructive towards others and they can adequately defend it.
Since you clearly can’t base it on logic (as proved by not checking out the
video) and will only use white nationalist biased information like that of
storm-fronts’, you’re a sad disgrace for a white nationalist. I answered
your comment by informing you that nobody supports white genocide. Your
statement sir, was a logical fallacy.

NoMoreBrotherWars says:

So many fucking race-traitors in the USA.

Aldeous Huxley says:

Saying, “Race is just a social construct” is a social construct within
itself. That’s where science ends and political ideology begins.
Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White.

jays2474 says:

1:00.Are you kidding me?You know what bothers me you self righteous
cunt?Blacks represent 12to15% of the population & are responsible or 80% of
the violent crime!Your worried about a flag that offends you!Im worried
about my wife & daughter who are 12 times more likely to be raped by a
black then whitemen on black women.I worried about leftist trying to take
guns away from law abiding citizens & protecting the criminals rights.Im
worried that there are’nt ENOUGH OF THESE FLAGS FLYING IN AMERICA!

Donald Iarussi MFA says:

whatever, the guy is a racist but has a constitutional right to be one…
dont bring attention to it morons

rm125racer325 says:

fly them we pride

Jimmy Rustler says:

I hate niggers…but damn, I hate stupid white people too. What to do, what
to do…

Uberr Rich says:

“Flags make hate” lol tards

mattsgotslacks says:

1:20 “I ignore it, to each their own” a lot of people ignored hitler before
WWII happened and look how that turned out

IzzyK98 says:

At first I thought you were kidding. Well, if Santa killed 33,000 White
Farmers in South Africa there must have been good reason. You can’t be
Merry and Jolly all the time now can you?

Kamil Somaratne says:

fat ugly piece of waste, not the man I would choose to represent my race.
No wonder he’s holding on to “white pride”, thats all he has left, little

Coopa99 says:

its a free country. do what the fuck you wanna do and move along.

IzzyK98 says:

Why haven’t you looked up the video yet? I’m not defending my support of
nor do I have support toward white genocide. Look up the video, come back
and state your points like a real man. White Nationalism is a codeword for
illogical asshole who relies thrives on fear and hatred, not logic.

Meadhbh3 says:

Where’s the NAR flag?

CharlemagneCrowned says:

The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member
states, the UN’s special representative for migration, Peter Sutherland has
said. If Indigenous White Europeans say they are opposed to this UN/EU
effort to “undermine” the ethnic homogeneity of ancient European nations,
they are slandered and accused of being hate filled “racists”. It is the
same story in all White nations and ONLY White Nations! Anti-racist IS a
code word for anti-White

TheKrasnaludek says:

KaronI6: I would gladly take every white South African if the blacks in
North America trade places. I’ll take that trade any day of the week. You
seem to be offering a solution to race issues … sounds reasonable to me.

Ben Linus says:

There would be not a peep. They could riot and burn the street down and it
would still be, as always, somebody else’s fault.

Gregory Johnston says:

way to go marky mark love you brother 14/88 i’m represinting harrison
arkansas for you still

IzzyK98 says:

Because ‘white genocide’ is as real as Santa Clause, sorry to break it to
you. Look up ‘White Genocide Debunked’ and come back to me. Just an FYI, if
you breed with a non-white your precious little white genes aren’t
obliterated. If you have a kid with a non-white, white genes are still
present. You’re not forced to fuck non-whites. Non-whites are not forced
into America. You can sleep easy tonight bud, that Latino girl down the
street doesn’t wanna rape you, okay?

Mike Hock says:

any one else notice the guy on the bike in the beginning doing the nazi

IzzyK98 says:

Do you actually think about what you do? Did you even read my comment? I
imagine the thought process (if there was one) went like this: “OOH!
SMART!”. Look up ‘White Genocide Debunked’. I know you probably won’t,
because you’d never let a silly little thing like logic get in your way.
The Mantra is complete B.S.

tyg8rys says:

better those flags than obama bumper stickers

Solid State says:

Japan, Korea, China need millions of Africans, Arab Muslims, Hindus and
Latinos to make them better progressive more prosperous societies, we must
take to the streets of Asia now and protest those horrible racists !

Hey Herjan says:

You already answered to my comment in the beginning so you must support
white genocide, otherwise you would not waste your time arguing with me. Do
you support multiculturalism? Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-white.

Rustedblade says:

Maybe some Black Panthers should move in on the other end of the street and
fly their flags., I wonder if the residents and police will say they are
acting within their rights. Nah, I dont wonder. We all know what would

Christina Wooters says:

he has the right to do as he wishes on his property dont like it move

TemplarX2 says:

Yea, but who is to blame? It’s not like negroes made your immigration

svennbreng says:

Wow. You are a Genocidal Freak. Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White.
We will remember your sentiment.

jorge .oroz says:

his hair is blond but it has an indigenous texture to it..spikey! he may
not be as pure as he thinks he is.

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