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Who cares! Money!


emcham says:

As a Canadian, that doesn’t look like money because it’s not plastic

vorduul says:

A five year old… hamster?

blueberriesandraspberries says:

So we’re doing thing again, caption?

NightmaresOnWax says:

That capitalised ‘N’ is really rustlin’ my jimmies.

planethalia says:

Could you perhaps send the appropriate paper, ink and plates so we could try a test run?

morgancarson says:


shoeboxwarrior says:

Wooo! I love Mowey!

red4182 says:

How is that melting money working out?

foodnomnom says:

One time at a toll booth, my dad gave 100 dollars instead of 1 dollar… American money sucks, colours and holograms for the win 🙂

MrJohnsonAndTheJuiceCrew says:

um, i think youre confusing Canadian money with Monoploy money. and if you arent, then im sorry for your whole country…(jk)

THEthirdSNIPER says:


lollylamolly says:

Doesn’t seem like it’s plastic either. You could probably put those bills in the dryer and they’d be fine

MediocreName says:

And that’s a cotter pin holding the money… wonder what he left Unsafetied

DerekHoge says:

I hope this wasnt sent to a prison. That paperclip could do some damage!!!

dogsarecooler says:


Somgurl says:

WTF I never get $60 for my day of birth! Now I feel ripped off

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