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With Paint And Perspective, This Talented Artist Can Completely Trick Your Brain.

It’s difficult to define what “art” is. It comes in many forms and can be interpreted in countless ways. However, no matter who you are and how you would specifically describe art, you will agree that Alexa Meade is a talented artist. The different works she creates are beautiful and absolutely unique. Not only that, but just with some simple tricks, Alexa is able to convince your brain that it’s seeing something that it really isn’t. In each of these photos, you may think you’re seeing a beautifully painted, surreal portrait…

But actually…

But what you’re actually seeing are live models, painted to appear as a 2-dimensional surrealistic portrait.

Alexa Meade’s art is all about changing your perspective.

With just some simple techniques, she is able to convince people they are seeing something they are not.

She paints her subjects to look two dimensional.

Even as they are walking around.

It’s an amazing phenomenon.

She optically compresses 3D space in order to make it look 2D.

So much technology has been focused on turning 2D images into 3D.

But Alexa works in reverse.

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