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You're not from here, right?


TheTurtleHermit says:

Crazy, I came IN his mother’s uterus, and I’m all the way in Kansas…

TerminexTM says:

And now you live in there like a hermit crab?

roopjm says:

Columbia, the state Capitol, isn’t really a small town.

DanHubel says:

I’m not sure if you are calling Aziz black? The ellipsis’ don’t help a ton. Also not sure why you are calling him stupid even sarcasticly.

roopjm says:

I got family who went to High school with his family, in Columbia.

kyndo says:

Wow, she got married young. 😉

imadogperson says:

Shut up with that fucking joke already.

roopjm says:

Bennettsville is quite a shitty small town.

ApawcalypseMeow says:

She’s a dumb blonde, tv character, she’s not an anything -.-

svwrd says:

*stereotypical and overassuming yes. only racist if it also includes the presumption that being white and/or born in America is superior

IAskImportantQuestionsSometimes says:

Thank you

SomeDuder says:

he’s a blackie from blackistan, where all the darkly colored thieves spring from the underside of slimey rocks. them, and orcs.

angrybeards says:

Most everyone I see with either a newspring shirt or sticker on their car is a total dick. Similar Experiences? (Upstate SC)

controvertialopinion says:

I don’t like him, he’s more annoying than funny and has a really punchable face.

caffeineshakes says:

The DLC adds a ton of things to it, including the ability to break the game by spawning too many items.

thisscreennameisderivative says:

Because Mexican is also an ethnicity. My nationality is American; me ethnic background is Mexican.

PCard says:

You are not a Mexican if you are born in the United States.

blargedyblargedy says:

Or sweedish

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