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2Pac Skandalouz Bass Cover – Giorgio Nardi

A tribute to one of the greatest rappers of all time … No Editing and no Mastering … Only the hands, the heart and the love for rap. Have fun and Enjoy!!…

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trogladite666 says:

if I could find a tab for this I would be very grateful

Jean DiVine says:


Koritas Jones says:

got the tabs bro?

LOCCDOPP leflingue says:

bien ,le mec assure,nique le rap RESPECT GFUNK 

Эля Зимаева says:

So cool!!!

Mark Sanchez says:

this is one of my favorite songs and bass lines ever..been trying to learn
it for years then here you are playing it perfectly!

Giorgio Nardi says:

Grazie Bobo…. 🙂

chordgrinder says:

plz make a vídeo lesson .

Alessandro Paddeu says:

stesso giro di basso ripetuto per 3:44 minuti … morboso

Alessandro Santos says:

SHOW MAN…..Really good! Can you do a cover of Common’s song IT AINT

Andrea Bobo Oboe says:

Purtroppo Alessandro non puoi apprezzare queste cose che tu dici
“morbose”… Sono lo step successivo di un bravo musicista… tornare a
fare poco ma che abbia anima… Forse un giorno lo capirai anche tu…
Bravo Giorgio!

moneymaker291985 says:

Nice bass line

Leo Simons says:

Have you tabbed this out anywhere? Preferably on a 4 string? 

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