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A Message to David Banner: Tell the TRUTH about black people. We are Moors

This is a message for David Banner, and all of our revolutionary brothas and sistas working to uplift our people. We need you to speak the truth to our people and the world. We are not “black”….

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IAMHH Temple says:

A Message to David Banner: Tell the TRUTH about black people

The All says:

Islam where do the brother meet up and build…just moved out here 

Canaanland Moors says:

blocked you on twitter lol

Kozmik el says:

Islam brother love your enerG’ every time you drop a video,also I didn’t
know you was talented in music! It’s Very brilliant as well, I would be
honored to send you some instrumentals (beats) I’ve composed over the years
maybe you can work on them hopefully they can inspire moor positive vibes
like what you already put together….peace

Darryl Wilson says:

Nothing wrong with studying Moorish Science… Nothing wrong with changing
your legal status as a means of legal protection.. But when you start
talking about black identity through history…Idk. Everything I’ve learned
about the Moors who conquered Spain suggests they were principally
Islamic.. You can tell by the architecture. If that’s the case..why would
we want to associate with that? Isn’t there a present day slave trade ran
by Arabs and so-called black Muslims on the continent? I know the brothers
who deal with law through a Moorish lens don’t typically talk about that
Islam part of it because it doesn’t relate to legal status..but I’m talking
about on an personal identity level. I think the brothers who say “we’re
not black we’re Moors” are misguided. Not in their intent but in there
words.. Perhaps you should preface by saying Ethiopian..Kushite…Ugandan.
You do know that we called ourselves black ages before the white man. You
do know that we have a rich civilizations that predate Islam and the advent
of the Moors. You do know that..right? 

Ali Ali says:

We need more than just knowledge of SELF. We need knowledge of the inferior
legal SELF STATUS we are currently in and how to legally remove ourselves
from it. We need to have knowledge of how to remove our SELF from the legal
jurisdiction and overlordship of the occupiers of the USA who continue to
profit off of our inferior STATUS. We complain generation after generation
but do nothing to legally remove our SELF from a game that is rigged
against us. The solution is here. Tariq Bey, Divine Warning. Moor Science. 

BMPSeries says:

I AHpreciate you for making these videos I’ve gotten a lot of insight! Much
love homie

Bokari Badal Bey says:

Great work Noble, now it’s on those who know truth to answer the call.

earl clark says:

Yeah…. He need to step it up. He is a scholar and businessman!!! He needs
to represent all of that to the people of OUR culture!!! Not just the
so-called “black” culture but to the hip hop culture that helped him get to
the plateau that he has reached.
He is the perfect candidate for the job and, he can’t NOT do nothing to
uplift our people. Why???? Because he Is visible!!!!

Yabadaba The Rapper says:

+IAMHH Temple He is RICH lol he’s still has slave mentality and still
thinks he needs there MONEY(fiat) . Are people suffer the begging bug, they
ask and beg for things they already own. Slave Mentality .

Briel Blair says:

David banner threw her and she kicked his ass. Ctfu 

Morris Gilmore says:
deckj2 says:

Now I know if Tech N9ne can go on the Breakfast Club and say he’s a Moorish
king, David Banner gotta know about the Moors. Go check Tech’s Breakfast
Club interview. Now I like David Banner and he very well may not know about
the Moors but at some you gotta say man as much books as these ppl claim
they read they have to have some knowledge of the Moors. I feel like once
you get big name artist like him to start bringing Moors to the public eye
then them checks stop coming in. Hell look at what Lill Wayne is going
through right now after he joined the Zulu Nation. Peace

The All says:

Bro you out in Cali 

40jonah says:

am studying, reading every day, and I feel lighter, and stronger.
Thank you brother.

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