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An Ideal (Official Music Video)


Cebolenkosi Mgoduka says:

loool the kid at the end..yazimisela bo

Keith Vernon-Hutchinson says:

Yes, great spirit from everyone. May God bless South Africa and all it’s
people. Beautifully recorded, nice job, who did arrangement and who played?
Who were the people behind the scenes making this happen?

Sizwe Mondlane says:

OneNation OnePeople #AnIdeal

jerosy king says:

great video an nice singing but Brian Themba an Judith Sephuma killed it
for me hey i einjoyed their parts

Helen Venneman says:

South Africa is such a special country with beautiful people! If I lived
there I would vote for Ubuntu Party the 7th of May…

LPL Events says:

If you have not seen the video for #AnIdeal yet, then click on the link and
see 20 amazing artists in action.

LPL Events says:

The amazingly talented @lunginaidoo was one of the writer & singers on the
Freedom song #AnIdeal. Watch this star studded video

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