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Christian Extremist Bryan Fischer’s Crusade Against Muslims and Butterball Turkeys


IndifferentDude says:

No comment.

AggieU says:

Bryan Fischer: Joseph Kony of U.S.

thecacerot13 says:

his logic is flawed all the way. Most of the founding fathers were atheists
lol not christian

Korbel John says:

In fact -every food product that is not locally grown or otherwise made so
– is “food sacrificed to idols” Bet ya half of it is Solient Green – made
from John & Jane does – NOTHING is to wicked for these people – NOTHING –
Monsanto rules the food engineering industry – (oh, and Bryan Fischer is a
fascist) & JESUS rules over all_ 

Syed Sye says:

last clip was funny

LoonWatchTV says:

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