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REALMZ8888 says:

America Is The Daughter Of Babylon the Catholic Church Is Babylon

Leslie Hutchinson says:

I don’t think the all the latinos/Latinas are jews. One older woman told me
they did not have to sit in the back of the bus in the 60s. I think real
jews are highly oppressed. They are able to come in bring truckloads of
drugs get jobs before we do meanwhile they giving black men 25 years for
dime bags. Go to Los angeles the Mexicans can shoot cops and get off, they
running it. As far as Deuteronomy says not able to enjoy the fruit of the
land I think that is Africa. Think about it the material that our touch
screens (phones ipads etc) is made from comes from the Congo.Yet they are
poor as hell and foreigners think Chinese and Europeans make money off of
their product. Native Americans (real ones look at pictures from 1800s)
Aborigines from Australia,haitians, low caste Indians in south india which
also had a slave trade I believe are jews.

Erica Jacques says:

………….????? I hate to refute this video. Please don’t reach heresy.
I hate to be the one to do a series on Black Child. 


Babylon is a city with 7 hills which isn’t America but in fact its Rome.
Revelation 17 is very clear about that.

favbeats says:

Your race has NOTHING to do with your salvation. 

Danni Tolbert says:

I do not know why some people try to combine the European Indians and the
Mexicans as ancient Isrealites. Some people fail to realize that the
European Indians ancestors are from Mongolia Asia and the Mexicans are half
Spanish which is Spain which is in Europe and European Indians. To say they
are of ancient Israel is false because these people are from the seed of
Japheth. Now unless they have mixed with some of the blacks that is
different but other than that they are not of ancient Israel.

truthseeker32 says:

Babylon is the Vatican. The whore is the Catholic Church. The pope
influences the governments. 

Black Child says:
Detroit Terry says:

FYI Black Child, for some reason youtube doesn’t give me notifications that
a new video of yours is up like all of the other channels Im subscribed to
does… Maybe Im wrong, but check into that

zx9mic says:

jews= the true sons of Cain. :fact: jews = defiled filth.

Erica Jacques says:

You twisting scriptures yo. What you doing? All this confusion in your
video. Next!!! 

Rob Lo says:

Babylon the great. I had to re post this. Real deep

i says:

Who is black child?

Phil Theez Bawz says:

90% of the so called Jews in israHELL aren’t even real Jews..they’re really

Erica Jacques says:

America is NOT Babylon. 

TheScariestMovieEver says:

Whoa! That’s deep. Real deep. Thanks for this. 

Redeemed Stone says:

The Whore of Babylon is false religion. Namely Catholicism and her younger
Sister Islam.
Both born from Roman Empire, they are the two legs in Daniel 2 prophecy,
Ottoman Empire in the East and Vatican Empire in the West.
Ottoman Empire is making a comeback (Turkey into a Phoenix?)
Why Turkey?
-Noah’s ark resides there, mankind spread from its foothills, not Africa
according to popular belief.
-Gateway between ME and Europe
-Travelled extensively by Paul where he planted the first gentile churches
as documented in NT
-7 types of churches named in Revelation are there
-Constantinople/Istanbul has 7 hills, significant to the Revelation Beast,
the whore of Babylon rides (Vatican doesn’t but Mecca does also)
-Constantinople now Istanbul, the first to legalise and adopt Christianity,
but mixing with pagan traditions how we get Catholicism around 500 AD.
-Ottoman Muslim rule took over Christian Constantinople in 1453 naming it
-Ottoman rule would’ve spread into Europe if not for Vlad Tepes III,
fighting them at the border. Yes, Vlad, Dracula the impaler.
-Along with Saudi Arabia, is silent playmaker
-It’s leader Recep Tayip Erdogan is set for an unprecedented fourth term.
Now in the midst of elections.

NWO5b2die says:

“ROMANISM and the REFORMATION” by H. Grattan Guinness. The Vatican IS the
Seat of Satan’, the Synagogue of Satan, the Anti-christ as prophesized by
Daniel, Paul, and John of Revelations. The Vatican runs ALL governments of
the world. The New World Order is the Old Roman/Vatican World Order. 

Christian Masterson says:

14:40 Deuteronomy 28-48 explains this.

Nice post Black Child

TheKlbrister says:

Before God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrha, Abraham asked that if there be any
righteous man there, to please not destroy them. It turns out that Lot, and
his family were the only righteous people there. Are there NO righteous
people, at all, in the Babylon of America? Some of us have prayed for the
salvation of some who are there, but is there NO ONE left in Hollywood, or
LA that is redeemable? Where are the workers to spread the Gospel in that
area? Is there no hope for some that are caught up in the “network” of
Luciferian indoctrination, plus mind control? I am sad for those who
weren’t born “evil”, but they ended up that way, and it is so obvious they
are demon filled. Just a shell of a man, rotting, and decaying inside, like
a walking corpse. Not the same man; and, in fact, I have come to believe
that this particular individual, that I would rather not name, has been
cloned. I believe that man is dead. And, forgive me for saying this like
this, I feel bat shit crazy, roosting in a psychotic tree. However, when I
see someone change to something completely different than what they were as
a young man, (it’s the eyes, the light is gone, the softeness in the
persons affect, ect) I weep with despair. Dammit, Satan got another one!
Why? This person wasn’t BORN EVIL; they were made that way. I’m sorry,
because I think I am crazy for giving a hoot about some person’s spiritual
issues, but I believe God can do whatever he wants to, and the question is
will he? Are the prayers I say just wasting time because it’s a lost cause?


Read the book, “Romanism and the Reformation” by H. Grattan Guinness and
you will find the When, Why, and Who, which is associated with hiding the
Truth of the real Babylon and the real Anti-christ. And How
“FUTUREISM” has almost destroyed God’s prophecies and Holy Word, regarding
Satan’s destruction of the TRUE Church of Christ. (HINT: It is NOT the
ruin of the Western Latin Roman Catholic Church.) 

pam martin says:

Sorry dude, but you want to bring God into this blight on our world? How
about, “For God so loved this world….” How about “He makes His rain fall
& His sun shine on all, both good & evil”. How about being perfect like
Him. Means we have to turn the other cheek. Go two miles instead of one.
Turn the other cheek? Help someone with that extra $20 we have & not tell
them how to spend it? Yeah, that’s perfection in His eyes. Thats Him. Peace.

Sal G says:

Keep your eyes on TURKEY. Love to ALL and God Bless

siccs7 says:

Great vid bro, keep up the good work.

LaDee Daa says:

Oh never mind. I get the part with the vineyard. The verse referring to the
devious maids came before it. Great video still and now it even makes more
sense to me.

Jamere Hanif says:

Well done Elder B.C….very good video.Best one so far.You’re truly opening
the can of worms people hate to look into because this truth gives a sure
understanding of the generic question of why, what, when, and where. Keep
teaching the true Ysrael ahki, Judah/Yahudah has your back ahk.Shalom!!!

slicktheflash says:

a masterpiece of a video. incredible 

onefodderunit says:

What happened to separation of church & state. The ridiculous claim that
European Jews, including Atheists, have a right to steal Palestine from its
actual indigenous Semitic people (Palestinians), and to wipe Palestine from
the map, is based on misinterpretation of biblical scripture. How can
Americans be forced to fund the criminal Zionist enterprise at an average
of $10 Million per day, seven days a week, based on wrong reading of the

Joey P says:

I think you are spot on with the godzilla thing. I mean you had “Pacific
Rim” where entities from another dimension come from a bottomless pit. You
had that movie “This is the end” depicting armageddon complete with the
rapture, demons, and the nephilim/fallen ones who were also giant. Then
they just came out with Noah which screams pay attention to Matt 24:37.
The hot thing in hollyweird now is to depict the end times, almost like
they are poking fun or trivializing it. I think it makes them feel as if
they have power over it, plus they turn it upside down and perverse it.
All satan can do is counterfeit though. This is what he offers as power.

Aaron James says:

Anyone know the name of this track???

Ashrogoth says:

Do you all understand that when the bible speaks of a woman, it speaks of a
church. Which means Babylon is a church that sits upon many waters and
hills. Which church does that historically?

Innate Nobility says:

While America’s government may be the epitome of New Babylon, not everyone
in America is evil. Another great video, Black Child. I’ll always continue
following your channel.

LaDee Daa says:

Wait.. I didn’t get the part with the devious Maids and the Vineyard. But
everything else was 100% in this video.

Mike P says:

A new understanding is Babylon, just may be Saudi Arabia! America
being Spiritual Egypt. Food for thought!

Aaron James says:

Does anyone know the name of the first track on here?
Heard it on one of contagiousnerdZ videos and haven’t been able to find it

lanny109 says:

There’s something I don’t really understand. Why would they target native
american tribes with germ warfare?

Ramon Pinero says:

What a bunch of crock peppered with hate..and somehow Godzilla plays a

African Yasharal says:

Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 says there are people who say they are of Yashar’al
(Israel) but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan. The Jews follow
after Satan’s doctrine called Judaism which is parallel to the Tanak. The
deception is so strong among the Jewish people that it appears to the world
that they are the true chosen people of YAHUAH which is false. The Khazar
(Ashkenaz) Jews are the sons of Japheth not Shem. We are the true
Israelites (Yashar’al) we are from Shem!

NatanaYah Ysrayl says:

The truth (not sure about the Mexicans, though.) Very well put together.

Goober Fries says:

WTH! This is some Aryan Illumaniti Bull Crap. Nearly every person in the
Bible has African blood in them; those curses were consequences (we still
see today) to individual people who walked with the Lord,were familiar with
is laws and ways, but choose to commit sins worthy of His judgement. The
poor and systematically and institutionally oppressed have sections of
their population with behavioral and poverty problems-this is in EVERY
culture. We were only allowed to even read in this nation a few short
decades ago.

Blacks as a people have risen above EVERY circumstance. God had delivered
us from the foot of oppressors and raised us to heights only imagined. How
dare you use any doctrine to promulgate that we are cursed in anyway. Black
women are graduating universities at rates higher than ANY race, and black
men are achieving great feats as well. WE ARE BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED,
parts of this video, black child, because you must have been tripping when
you made this one.

wana0001 says:

This is an Amazing video. It answers so many question as to why Black
people are suffering in this country. Your best video to date. Please keep
them coming

Yahcub Yasharal says:

Great video ahk!
Yahushua Ha Mashyach will put an end to this wicked kingdom
Ecclesiastes 12:13
Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear Alahym, and keep his
commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

Shen Zeeb says:

lol the US federal reserve does NOT have gold or gems

Thomas M says:

great job.

edward pope says:

“Deuteronomy 28:68″…a Treasured Possession Exodus 19:5-a Priestly & Holy
Nation Exodus 19:6-Exalted Above “ALL” Nations Deuteronomy 26:19, IsaYAH
12:22, Psalms 29:11-Exalted To A High Position Deuteronomy 26:19.
28:1-Prepared For Service Luke 1:17 & Acts 15:14-Called The Chosen Ones
Deuteronomy 7:6, 1 Corinthians 1:26, Ephesians 1:4, Yaaqob/James 2:5, & 1
Kepha/Peter 2:10…it DOESN’T matter if “U” use the Book of YAHWEH or the
KJV…TRUTH IS ALWAYS GONNA BE TRUTH…4 a group of people who is “ONLY”
mention 3 times in a “BOOK” some people OVER BOARDED sayin “STUFF” that no
scriptural FACTS…SHALOM PS MattithYAH/Matthew 15:24 & YAHchanan/John 4:22

Kj Sot says:

I love ur videos man. Keep up ur good work. N thank u . For taking thw time
to make this

Helen Merced says:


Joel Ladet says:

Deep so Deep thank you!

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