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MEMORY LANE: Nas Remembers Illmatic Moments With Faith Newman


tochiRTA says:

How old is Faith? She looks pretty good. she’s gotta be in her 40s at

Kory Smith says:

Horrible posture sir!

Ceas ThaGIANT says:

A true MC, style never faded, even before Ether he was dope af! I’m from
brooklyn and in my opinion Nas is the best rapper/lyricist of all time.
He’s every rap legend or non legend’s fav rapper, from Big to kook g rap,
Jay to Pac all the to today with school boy , kendrick , j Cole, bishop
Nehru all have named Nas as their fav if not in their top 3, salute 20 yrs
of true hip hop, even when it’s not popular to be that. Peace god.

willy dogg says:

i bet nas fucked her when he was 17 lol

Sebastian Bula says:

I think nas clapped it 

ctc0503 says:

best lyricist of all time.

oblivionanime says:

N.Y, State of Mind is still one of the beats to this day.

Jesse Dampolo says:

Very strange the way that when she talks, he looks like a high school kid
or something with his head down.

Darren Jackson says:

topman bomber jacket, shout out to nas to copping that.

Aura Gawd says:

salute Raoul! Nas headlining summer jam too! 

thetlindo701 says:

The Best MC Ever Nasir Jones

Aura Gawd says:

Nah y’all for as successful n hailed as Nas is, he is very modest n humble
at times, he’s puttin his head down is done more in a reflective manner,
Faith Newman is da record exec who groomed the mc u see b4 you, when he was
a dirty queens kid str8 off da street with a wealth of talent nonetheless,
he probably reflecting on dat like damn look how far We’ve gotten…20 yrs
later that single album u helped to push not write but Premoted to the
masses is being celebrated. 

Tony Bryant says:

Nas is a introvert. You can tell

Money Over Everything Records says:


Han Dolo says:

Yo where the fuck is part three

DarianCheatham2011 says:


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