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Bravo, Walmart. Bravo.


AustralianHandstandChamp says:

I don’t get it.

AbandonAllHope says:

Then you should visit Walmart!

obihobit says:

Watching Ted might help.

dogsarecuter says:


meepsy says:

I could be wrong but i think there is a flash gordon reference in Ted. Either way not even mildly interesting

tigerwolf23 says:

Flash Gordon is a movie that the main characters in Ted like.

byrondmoran says:

It’s a whole thing in the movie where they idolized him and met up with him later in life. Good movie if you’re into that humor.

ihavethepower says:

Whenever I see a movie or TV show that is also I Netflix I am always a bit torn.

somethingdark says:

You can’t kill me thunder!

MagilaGorilla says:

The guy from Flash Gordon made a cameo appearance in TED and spoiler alert cost marky mark his girlfriend.

bearshatner says:

Thanks to Ted – this is the only way Flash Gordon DVD copies would sell

IMaedThisForYou says:

Can you set the alarm for 10 tomorrow, I got a bunch of Teddy Bear stuff I gotta do.

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