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Brother Red Pill Speaks On Kanye West, Behavior Modification, August & Will, Shares Book List

Join Us Thursday in Class feat Red Pill

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3:30 behavior modification of Yeezy
Moor’s ,Ex church goers , k2 smoker
7:12 woman broken in the valley Men in the hills| Get off my live🚷
11:50 Kanye’s chemical castration isn’t funny| Pray FOR lost celebs
15:47 Hit all Louisiana rappers with a bottle they want your girl🍾
19:07 Red Pill hairline| Smith family Spirit cooking🧫
22:06 Domesticated dancing 🦁
25:44💔 Broken Will Power
27:50 Mutated Rites of Passage robotic sex chakras 🤖👀⬅️
30:29 instant karma| polygamy jealousy | polyandry with Lil baby
32:40 – No Yoni sharing| Young Red pill traumatized| what am i leg day?
36:21 Old Guard Movie 10%Decoded
44:44 Moorish Study List | you can study without converting ⬅️
50:00 screenshots for book club
55:00 pt2 books to screenshot 👁️

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viddrone says:

People falling for the flim flam. Kanye remind me of this low key racist coworker I had to deal with. He always was acting funny style toward black coworkers. Everybody made excuses for him because he "suffered from aniexty" which made him act disrespectful toward certain people. I noticed that he had no problem being respectful with everyone EXCEPT black people.
Kanye is pulling the same bs, Everytime he has an episode it's always directed at black people and never got toward other groups. That sound like a choice to me and not mental illness.

Dr Renea says:

Appreciate you so much Red Pill!!

Dr Renea says:

Medieval Upheaval on Az for $28

Dr Renea says:

When did Kanye have a lobotomy?

livingmytruth 2 says:

Will Smith is a brand and he is an actor

livingmytruth 2 says:

I am loving these talks

Bizzle Tree says:

I appreciate you big time bro, thank you!

Bizzle Tree says:

39:00 = The book , 'Don Quixote' (I never heard of it until now, wasn't in the education system in UK, they spent 5 years convincing us Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK at my school :))

Brooke Cerda says:

women must chose the other women in order to prioritize future Black kings, interview Dr Sharhzad Ali . . . polyandry is 100% non realistic westernism

G GOD says:

For more info search : Medications Commonly Used in Disruptive Behavior Disorder and the side effects


That painting behind you is everything!!

Beyond Earth Ministries says:

Blessings in peace, power and love — yes, definitely reppin The Alpha-Males — respect!✊

Chris Demetrius from Saint Louis says:

This is Red on GOD MODE

LAVADO Carter says:

FLy azz shit! jewelsdope !

Bronze Enchantress says:

Peace King, I appreciate this message. I’m from Compton and I live in New Orleans and these brothers need healing. I’m setting them up with an elder names Larry Hayes ( I call him Morpheus). However, it’s a wicked world.

Thank you much!

Sean Findley says:

Yooo red be looking serious but low key funny af!!!

O. Tella says:

List of study materials
711 – 1492 ad

andrea williams says:

Yep right after he outed everybody he went to that center and never was the same. Smh

Dre Racks says:

Kanye West for president 2020:)

MDJ says:

Chemical behavior modification makes u non-functionaal or disable a person especially someone with prior gifts or a certain level of genius in a particular area. Am not giving this demon that much power bc they don't posses the ability to make a fully functioning, but extra delusional Kanye. Their greatest weapon of mind control once violence turned ineffective, is getting blk ppl. to worship Jesus [directly or indirectly] as god, plus their control over systems that dole out punishment and reward for behavior they don't like. Kanye through out his recent bi-polar rants still exhibited jealous, egomaniac and materialistic, white man award/affirmation seeking behavior along with a desire to be part of the white establishment with white Jesus as his king. There are leaders in Africa who exhibit this same behavior and i doubt they've had a lobotomy, but instead want individual power and have a white man worshipping complex/envy to go along with whatever mental element they had to begin with..

seven of love says:

U the kinda dude I been looking for.

Mone Brown says:

polygamy has rules for muslim in Africa polyandry was for some tribes who allowed it for some women programmed to be queen once they chose the one then they marry unite this 1 you have to aknowledge the culture with a clear concsience and respect

Brenton Iverson says:

I'm gone…

Chef Ntozake Acoli says:

August Alsina

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