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Community Post: 12 Ways To Get Buzzed While Reliving Your Childhood

Let’s be real. The only good thing about growing up is that eventually you turn 21, and eventually you can legally enjoy a cocktail.

But let’s be real. It’s not until after you grow up that you realize being a kid is the best thing ever.

Solution: 12 ways to enjoy adulthood while acting like a kid.

1. Vodka Watermelon

Everyone remembers those hot summers in the backyard chomping on a big, juicy piece of watermelon as a kid.

And if you grew up in the ’90s, you remember the episode of Rugrats where Chuckie swallowed a watermelon seed and imaged a watermelon grew inside of him…you’re lying if you weren’t nervous eating watermelons after that…

An step by step recipe for spiking watermelon can be found here

2. Rootbeer Floats

The greatest combination since Peanut Butter and Jelly. This cold treat could satisfy anyone’s need for a sweet chill any time of the year!

Spice up a classic with a little Kahlua and Vanilla Vodka!

3. Lego Jello Jigglers

A fun spin on the classic jello shot! Instead of using dixie cups or plastic containers, put the liquid in a large lego and let it set in the fridge.

Lots of variations of this one! Use any flavor combinations you want! A great and easy jello shot recipe can be found here.

4. Adult Popsicles

Popsicles were most enjoyable in the summer, but were also the best part of getting sick with a sore throat (well, second best to staying home from school)

Three yummy recipes can be found here!

5. Bubble Gum Shooters

You didn’t have a childhood if you never had bubble blowing contests with your friends. Biggest bubble meant victory, but it also usually meant getting gum stuck somewhere. Get the fun and taste without the mess with Bubble Gum Shooters!

The recipe can be found here.

6. Battle Shots

An exciting (and dreadful) twist on the classic game. Your ship won’t be the only thing that gets sunk by the end of the night.

A step by step guide can be found here.

7. Whipped Lightning

No one cared about putting whipped cream on ice cream, pie, hot chocolate…no. The proper way to eat whipped cream was to stream it directly from the can into your mouth.

I have not found any recipes for alcoholic whipped cream, but I was able to find a company that sells it in many different flavors. Worth a shot!

8. Drunk Dippin’ Dots

Advertised as the “Ice Cream of the Future,” Dippin’ Dots were a strange, but delicious, conundrum to all.

A little more complicated, but if you have some liquid nitrogen hanging out, why not? The recipe can be found here.

9. Magie Potion

Kool-aid ice cubes in lemon lime soda means color and flavor changing drink to kids, but Kool-aid ice cubes in lemon lime soda and vodka or rum means color and flavor changing cocktails while still being amazed by the magic (maybe more amazed…depending on how many you’ve had)

A how to guide can be found here.

10. Whisky Slushies

Nothing beats a big old Slurpee from 7-11! Make it even greater with a little bit of poison!

Great recipe can be found here.

11. Otter Pop Shots

The best treat ever invented…Otter Pops! Any flavored ice pop will do, but nothing beats the original!

If you have a syringe, anything is possible. Follow these easy steps!

12. Goblet of Fire

The best for last! Relive your favorite Harry Potter moments with your very own Goblet of Fire! If you want to curl up with a classic HP book, you don’t need to build a fire…bring the fire to you with your own flaming drink!

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