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One of my favorite Scrubs moments.


IAmAce says:

All of the moments in Scrubs are my favorite

carlyface says:

they’re kinda married

cgreen92 says:

This show just makes me wish I had a black best friend.

kingscolor says:

I wanna love like KD and Turk.

eggsterminate says:

I’m like razor10000 for this show: I always upvote Scrubs.

abnormallynormal says:


sugarworm says:

This show made me wish I had a best friend.

SirAwesomeTheThird says:

This show just makes me wish I had a friend.

inkdropsonroses says:

I have literally been watching people upvote and downvote you for the past minute. Jesus, people, make up your minds. It’s just a typo.

Deadnotsleeping2 says:

I will always upvote this.

sledar says:

It makes me wish I hadn’t moved away from my best friend 🙁

mamajames says:

As seen on Facebook

SirGentleman says:

I know. And I love it.

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