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Community Post: 23 Dogs Wearing Sweaters Right

1. The only appropriate song for this

2. Dog showing off his Sunday best

3. And his partner

4. Dog during his daily workout

5. Dog disappointed in his sweater choice

6. Dog trying to blend in

7. Orange complements his elongated neck

8. Blue isn’t everyone’s color

9. Purple scarf and camo outfit is the new dog look

10. Life is rough…

11. Dog rocking human fashion

12. Double Trouble

Notice the double layers of sweaters…

13. The classic fight for the sweater

14. Fashionable little guy who’s into color coordinating

15. Satisfied with his fashion choices

16. Sneakily trying to get a drink

17. The classic hand made sweater

18. Purple is THE color this year

20. Even with holes in it…

21. Don’t underestimate his ferocity by his size

22. That’s right

23. Long sleeved fashion for a cold day out

24. And some Halloween costumes

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