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Community Post: 38 Britney Music Videos: The Ultimate Ranking

38. Outrageous

In her defense, Britney injured her knee while filming this video (requiring arthroscopic surgery and months of rehabilitation), so the video was never officially finished. And it does have Snoop Dogg.

37. From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart

Snoozefest! But she really is so pretty…

36. Born to Make You Happy

Boring song, boring dancing, boring sets, boring costumes. Not really anything redeeming about this one, now is there? SHUT YOUR FACE!!! It has Britney in it — what more do you need?!?

35. Sometimes

If we wanted a video about sugary sweet innocence, we’d be Taylor Swift fans. Give us our bad girl Britney back!

34. Ooh La La

Britney looks incredible in that red dress, and her kids are pretty darn cute. To enjoy the video, all you need to do is ignore all of the dumb Smurf antics…

33. Kill the Lights

The real Britney is so much hotter than this cartoon…

32. Everytime

I’ll take my Britney without intonations of stigmata or suicide, thank you very much. She tackles the dark side of fame so much better in other videos (see “I Wanna Go” or “Lucky” or “Piece of Me” or “Overprotected” or “Hold It Against Me” or any of a half dozen other videos…).

31. Someday (I Will Understand)

Preggers Britney is beautiful!

30. Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know

How can a video be so sexy and yet so dull at the same time…?

29. Gimme More

Love the song, but not a fan of the black hair. And the blurry stripper pole scenes seem to be a phone-in by our Princess of pop.

28. Radar

Even without a very original plot, Britney still rocks it.

27. Break the Ice

While Anime Britney gets an A for effort, I prefer seeing my real Brit-Brit dancing around.

26. Do Somethin’

Now we’re getting somewhere!

25. My Prerogative

Nobody knows how to make an entrance at a party quite like Britney. However, can we edit K-Fed out of this video pronto?

24. Overprotected (Darkchild Remix)

You might question why a second video is required for this song. YOU DO NOT QUESTION BRIT-BRIT. YOU OBEY.

23. Overprotected

Some of Britney’s best dance moves.

22. Boys

Party Mansion with an all-star supporting cast (Pharrell! Austin Powers! Justin Bruening! Jason Priestley! Taye Diggs!).

21. I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

Elegant in its simplicity. No crazy boyfriends… no crazy papparrazzi… no crazy dance moves… all real (and beautiful!) scenery. Crossroads Brit at her finest!

20. I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll

Britney’s fun take on a rock classic.

19. (You Drive Me) Crazy

Can’t go wrong with TRL’s longest-running video by a female artist.

18. Lucky

Ah, humanity! Who knew that fame was so horrifyingly destructive? (And a bonus for you LOSTies out there: the *knock, knock, knock* is on room #42. IT IS ALL CONNECTED!)

17. Scream & Shout

It’s Britney, b**ch! And she’s looking flawless! (Seriously, Brit, you look stunning in this video!)

16. Stronger

She does things with a chair that Clint Eastwood only fantasizes about…

15. I Wanna Go

“F you, F you, F you, you’re cool, F you. I’m out.” Britney’s revenge against those pesky paparazzi is inspiring. And Crossroads 2! (We can only hope that dream is realized one day…)

14. Oops!… I Did It Again

A little dated now, but there’s no question why this is a classic or why it was nominated for 4 VMAs.

13. If U Seek Amy

Whatever you think of those lyrics — sheer genius or cheap trick? — you have to admit it’s a great video. (And for the record, I vote sheer genius.)

12. Criminal

She is one sexy criminal!

11. Me Against the Music

The passing of the torch from the Queen to the Princess of Pop.

10. 3

Britney doing what she does best: looking awesome.

9. Hold It Against Me

There’s a lot going on in this video. And it is all enthralling.

8. Piece of Me

That Britney is shameless. But her derrière did win her Best Female Video, Best Pop Video AND Video of the Year at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards.

7. I’m A Slave 4 U

The precursor to the perfection later achieved in “Till the World Ends.”

6. Joy of Pepsi Commercial

I know, I know… Not technically a music video, but it has all the trappings of a timeless Britney video (she looks fabulous, the dancing is perfect, and it’s a catchy song). Makes you want to switch from Coke, right?!

5. Circus

Britney sparkles in that shower of fireworks.

4. Toxic

Words can not describe the brilliance of this video.

3. Womanizer

Britney Spears: All shall love her and despair…

2. …Baby One More Time

The scandalous magic that started it all.

1. Till the World Ends

This gem takes music video storytelling to a whole new level. An epic dance anthem, Britney looking *amazing*, lens flare, and the Mayan apocalypse (!) all coalesce to make this video perfect.

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