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Cormega – Def Jam is over rated, speaks on Firm, Nas @TheDiamondKShow


jmi84 says:

I like mega, i like nature. The firm album was pretty bad but i dont think
it was because mega wasnt on it. The firm album was bad because of overated
ass dr. Dre and his doodoo beats. Im tired of dre getting all this praise
for his producing skills. Do you guys remember his second bullshit album?
No. People only care for dre when hes holding eminem or snoops dicks. Next
time you guys get a chance check his producing credits. He never produces
by himself. Hes got mark batson sometimes helping.

jmi84 says:

Damn cormega’s name is misspelled on the billboard lol

Scorpio Lyte says:

Exactly at jmi. Dre is overrated


The Firm was still dope!!

laserbeak43 says:

IMO, the firm wasnt relevant when they were out! but to be on topic, i
think the industry’s fucked up the way they did this dude.

jmi84 says:

Nas has admiration and respect.

standingfocused says:

Why are people still mentioning The Firm and Nas? That shit is irrelevant.
It’s been almost two decades. LET IT GO. The dude has done a lot in between
that time. SMH @ these silly ass journalists. That shit isn’t a hot topic

junetynf says:

Just saw Foxy at Neegard pharmacy in Park Slope 2hrs ago.Much love to
Cormega and The Firm.

Mr Mister says:

yo…dey aint give this nigga an R?

RobC41288 says:

I think the Firm could of been such a great album if Mega had been on it,
no offense to nature or whoever replaced him.

churchdointhugthug says:

hahahahah COMEGA

TopShotta10904 says:

No he doesn’t. People respect his music, not him as a person or
businessman. DJ Premier said they were supposed to do an album together, AZ
and him were posedta do an album. Cormega, AZ, Nature, Foxy, nobody really
fucks w/Nas musically anymore. Only reason The Firm dropped was because it
was all tied to Trackmasters-businesswise.

jonblazeinc says:

what up tony montana!!!! mega and tragedy QB realist….but still them 2
and Nas my 3 fave rappers of all time

oneshotkillftw says:

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noble906 says:

Loool they missed out the R in Cormega smh

volcommerce says:

Diamond K, worst interview ever, why are you asking him questions about the
past he doesn’t want to talk about. I want the minutes back you just wasted
of my life.

Engineering Humanity says:

much rspect to Mega!

myswaggisonpoint says:

Mega is one of the realist dudes in the game

ScorpioLYTE says:


ScorpioLYTE says:

Lol. The picture that is showing spells “Comega”. Get the homey name roght

ScorpioLYTE says:

Mega is so humble

RobC41288 says:

lol shows how much respect they have for such a true artist like Mega

Mr Mister says:

fuck you brother!!!! dr dre made all dem niggas..check the script and the
way we do it, we run like fluid, screw it never do you prosper, my name is
in the books deep like the gospel, u turn to a nozle from all the papas
that had gotcha

Mr Mister says:

mmm he was holding eminem and snoops dick?

SnaTedaboSs19 says:

Big homie mega

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